Dafremen As I walked to my car this morning, I was touched by the sight of a man. He was a poor man and a hungry man, this much was clear, for
his well weathered fingers ran slowly, yet desperately, over the piece of plastic wrap in my garbage can, hoping for whatever scraps of food they could glean. Touched? Yes I was touched deeply by the sight of my fellow man having fallen, by whatever circumstances into such hunger. Hunger! In this world where none need be hungry, none need thirst. Did it really matter whether or not this human had brought his circumstances upon his own head? Yes, of course it did, but for this he was now paying with interest in the form of humility and degradation. For this he was paying with hunger so deep that a stranger's rubbish seemed enticing. Still I was deeply moved by his plight, deeply hurt by the part I myself had played along with us all in this tragedy. For in a land without society, in a land without borders, in a land without ownership and territorialism, in a land without greed, would this man be starving? Couldn't he hunt? Wouldn't he be able to gather food as he was now doing, but with his dignity intact and with pickings less slim? Of course he would. It is this system that we have imposed upon ourselves and upon one another that creates hunger. It is this world of imaginary lines that starves millions while mere miles away others fatten themselves, swimming in luxury and overabundance. As I have said before, it is people that cause all of the suffering in this world, it is people and more specifically, their self-centered little god-brains that create all of the misery in this world. The world isn't a miserable place, human society is. I asked the missus to wait a second, hoping to catch this stranger before he moved on to the next table scrap buffet. I grabbed 3 small fresh loaves of bread called birote and 2 bags of animal crackers (we're still poor, but we have and he doesn't.) Placing them in his hand, I wished him the best, hoped things would get better for him and asked him to keep up hope. He thanked me and walked on, his head held a little higher, soon his belly a little fuller and hopefully, a touch less cynical about the world around him.

I looked up at the sky and thanked the world for the chance to give back.

The sun kissed my face and together we smiled at the sky.
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