unhinged he had big brown eyes with angry long lashes, slight frame with bones that jut at the hips and the collarbone. he shivered in the cold and i crushed him; his hands were always too full. he didn't like needles or spoons, but there were always pills to swallow. skinny and wasted_away, i could only give him my love and my cigarettes. i stood in front of him and my heart wanted to explode; with love and the pain that comes from seeing it used but not enough. when is love ever enough? i wish that i could save him the way that he saved me. in his jewel box, amidst all the self-made tarnish, he shines. deep as a star, strong as a light, caught in my heart like lightening bugs and choked restraint. when i leave him, my heart will shatter into a million pieces. 021129
unhinged the_scientist 021129
unhinged honestly dude, aside from the whole incident she treated you like shit and you have people in your life that love you better than that; you deserve better than her frank. so keep your chin up man. i love you, kt loves you, you'll be ok. *HUG* 030613
unhinged a_tearful_gaze_turns_away 030930
unhinged i gave up

but the whole damn thing
has given me plenty of material over the years
unhinged and like a little girl
i still drag him around everywhere
with me
unhinged your_love_is_distant
your skin itches but can't be scratched
tiny little pupils in blurry eyes
awake all night
asleep all day
i know the signs


when i am busy pushing everyone away
i wish that just one person would fight me
and stay
unhinged i want to scratch your eyes off you fucking prick 100717
unhinged it is not glamorous
it is not cute

the day he wouldn't look me in the eye
cause he was sick


that's the face i think of now
no smiles
no crazy pupils

just the sickness
that made him look so much older
so unattractive
so hard

not something i want to cuddle up with anymore
what's it to you?
who go