Tess Waiting in the lunchline today, I heard that'll be $5.18...okay, out of a six-dollar bill, and i looked over to see what the bill looked like. gave me a chance to laugh with the lunchlady. 000208
ClairE Did you know the word gullible isn't in the dictionary! 020207
lycanthrope they told me if i just write it down, it'll feel better...something will be redressed...not just for me but for someone yes...maybe i am in love with her...of course i'm certain it's love...what else would it be? 020225
nonlucid "13 Lies My Roommate and I Told This Kid Named X Who is One of Those Guys Who Will Never Quite Fit In but Who Has Latched Onto Us and weíre pretty sure he believes most of them"

This is me, the loser
Spinner We're so gullible sometimes, making men into Gods, but a man cannot be a god, he is after all mortally wounded and he carries with him, his mortal wounds... Sometimes, while basking in the glory of our adoration, the throbbing wounds seem to fade into the shadows... almost forgotten... almost, but not quite. And so we deify these creatures, then swooning in divine mystery, crash like dancing fools, when the God acts out of character, or rather within the character of man....
Why are we so desperately searching for something better? Looking to find the light, a light in this misery(?), despair(?), tedium(?), bleakness(?)... What are we running from? What are we trying so hard to avoid? Our own insecurities perhaps? Our own short-comings? The ghosts of our own pasts? But if we ignore our own darkness, we will always be searching for the light, we will never be happy... Eventually, the Gods we worship become the shadows we run from... forcing us to bow down before them, paying the dues we seek to deny... The world is a mere projection of ourselves.... so stop searching, and look deep within, under the layers of shame, is a candle, the eternal flame, it's yours, a light, your light, the light.
Ubiquitous Flattery Gullibility will never be the same, having been raised to new heights of glory by the words blathed unto this page! 061011
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