hesitating to press blather on granville street
willow sings
norwegian wood

my friend is being picked up
i'll never see her again
i watch her go with him into his car
i'll never see her again
i didn't know i didn't know
till someone said

fourteen years old
a decade ago

my good friend is lost
but i will find her

that girl is homeless
do you recognize her?
painted vintage clothes shaking
a cup of coins outside mcdonalds

i will find her
i will lose but find again the way
drunk and scared on pavement rain

my friend needs bright red shoes
to keep her warm

my friend needs a water gun
to shoot the rain

a whistle that squeals
a whistle that cries

on granville street we met music
between the buses and the cinema lights
i am walking against faces
"tell me, where is my friend?"

on granville street
we swapped breath for bus fare
i gave all my money for dogfood

play guitar, go ahead, play it for me
play norwegian wood

granville street i used to watch
the cops and their dogs sniffing 'round
pigs pigs pigs the word buzzing tongues

people selling pipes and rings

"baby expected soon?"

"five dollars?"

"is this your home?"

"have you seen my friend?"

it is all this memory mixed up
i remember the corner we sang
busking for fun and fare
i was glad to take the bus home
how has the street changed since then?
more homeless? more rain?
hmm...yes pause. touched. memory. 040124
yeah yeah yeah "you're the lady who sings norwegian wood!" i tried to say but it came out all wrong
"yooerrr therrwwurn whoerrr shingggsgs tdaahayt shonggg"

"you might want to slow down"
eat some food
she understood, the night
i was young
a small bowl of rice
i could hardly touch it
new years
table at Kitto's

felt like i'd met a star
"i'm willow" she said
and i saw
i heard her sing a few times
after that in the spring
i'd stop and listen

whenever i hear that song i think
of the things i saw and felt and feel
the people i met on granville street

the last time i was there
was a long time ago
um (just noticed hmm...yes)
yeah yeah yeah wasn't a response to hmm...yes
thankyou for the hmm...yes hmm...yes
yarggg ooops and someone has used yeah yeah yeah before me! 040124
and um . 040124
monee vancouver 050101
saic rogers park, chicago. 1990. 050101
no reason i loved it there 050109
. so did i 050109
what's it to you?
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