Quintessensual adam's eve, she was no mere sleeve
if he'd say "my rib," she'd leave

she'd go to the apple tree
for fruit and piece of snake, see

he too was after just fruits,
didn't go into it for roots

Copr. 1999
ani difranco (quoted by calliope) i did not make the game
i did not raise the snakes
i just happen to like apples
and i'm not afraid of snakes
birdmad according to certain mythologies

eve was preceded by lilith

but lilith did not want to be subservient and banished herself by uttering one of the secret names of god

most of all adam was upset because she wanted to be on top during sex

She became a consort of the Fallen and bore him children

because she was not subject to god's curse of painful labor she gave birth to demons at the rate of a hundred a day before she was ordered by a trio of angels to stop

Eve became the mother of humanity

Lilith became the queen of Hell

adam was a fool...

girls with bad attitudes rule
sweetheart of the song tra bong Apples are harmless. 010510
Shugarhi the eve of my death is something I will grasp hopefully. 010511
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no reason 56 chromosomes
heightens intelligence...heightens strength...heightens psychosis
pushpins the fog sweeps around me
and caresses my skirt of golden leaves
with its scared gravity.
The beautiful silence resonates
inside of me
and i finally feel the graceful empty,
a hollow calm
and busy thoughts have left me
and the forest's lucid song
flows through my body,
filtering out all my sticky confusions.
the pebble strewn path
beaten by joyful wandering
searches for a linear moment
but sighs and rambles idly on.
the solid trees smile at me
and cradle me in the wisdom
of their patient years.
and I walk through the serenity
happy at last
on this peaceful autumn eve.

(this was my idea of heaven)
farmfish swimmintowards heaven very nicely written, it be. if heaven is goin' to be like those words, i'm there, whatever it be takin' i swear i'll be walkin' those pebble paths.

yummy c... she be thee most under-rated 'skite. surely.
sigma that is what I am.

I was tempted by the words of snakes, and led to a decision that presented itself like a sweet, perfect apple.

And once I ate that apple I knew what I had done was a horrid, putrid mistake, and my flesh fell away from my bones, and every leaf became a mirror and I saw the hideous mistake my life had just become.
floralie That's me 031124
misstree exceprts herself ...you were the serpent that slid across eve's skin,
drawing us towards the golden apple of knowledge divine;
not the dry, dusty facts of scholars,
but pleasure too pure and intense to be kept in mortal bounds,
the feeling of gods in the act of creation,
property of savages in ancient, ecstatic rituals...
oldephebe this page is wonderful!! all of you are so wonderful!!..hey mtree! 031125
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