sunrise Dusk
the sister of Dawn
the irony
of two
and opposite
my light
is her darkness
my pleasure
her pain
my day
is her night
we are sisters
in heritage
we are one
Grievance fore-sworn the days last kiss
melancholy in bliss
between worlds, under towns unturned
allowing pieces to drift untortured
places exchanging eyes,
and laments pass the divide
in the hearts of men.
we loved back then.
leaves fall frivolously away from mind.
it glimmers your tears you so care to find.
hind sight hinders your forth right discord.
demanding, to be, lord.
away from chaos and open
monoliths break at hand, then.
and collection begins at a glance
of the soul
of us whole
we meet the birth.
-{[|ephemeraL||arcS|]}- Slide down dimming waves
all your sunsets and praise
We"ll carry away
mark your circle today

Close to you I feel your township,
aura of arcs and thin wire,
scattered clips
of your mire.

Peace will be your hands
holding in the world's demands
whisper them free
let the township be

we"ll escape during the night
know dusks last light
and tomorrow will be thin
we"ll be together forever, again.
Eowithien My time. I was born at dusk, I want to die at Dusk and if I am married at dusk, my life will be complete. 030220
bryn sweet dusk with your grey half-colors. Lighting the way to otherworlds, have everything it's self. 040323
Borealis I stood on my doorstep today at dusk
pearly grey skies with a hint of orange tinted the horizon, not the oppressive grey of winter, but a promising one..one that speaks of things to come..things that have not yet entered into the realm of the inevitable.

the air was damp, and pressed like a washcloth: a terry towel smoothing over a tear marked cheek, a promising kiss, the whispering breeze

the step stone cold beneath my bare feet; after stripping off the sweater who had insisted upon accompanying me out the back door:
for the first time in months,
I felt my skin breathe.
mimsy_bat good morning, good night. 040513
mimsy bat night's baby sister. 040513
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