Tank it's not an angry place, it's a confused space...

my feelings seem equally strong in either direction and that perplexes me. i have always been a one or the other kind of person and i had not speculated on ever ariving here. this juncture is unmapped, unexplored by mental hypotheses and i am unsure of which avenue to peruse...

the road i have had the pleasure of growing aquainted with the longest also has a distinct similarity to a distant, past-life cul-de-sac. i remember always feeling let down, the struggles between my love and my desires and needs. they never matched up, and so i moved... would it be the same again..?

so now a new horizon has appeared and at first glance seems more fitting to my needs. it seems a place i would like to be and the few treasures i have discovered buried there, already seem right and i am confused...

i am unsteady. i have signed a partial lease with the remembrance of cul-de-sacs past and i am not sure if i can break it. the horizon was brought to me by cul-de-sac. i would never have seen the sunsets if not for my room with a forbidden view...

loyalties tie me again and i am bewildered...
Annie11 We were driving, just randomly.
It was late and we didn't care where we were going.
As we approached a fourway intersection, you said,
"So, which way guys? Anyway you want"
She said "right"
And I said left.
So while we waited at the light
The dead, glowing red stared at us with one eye
I decided to play a dumb little game
I imagined that whatever way you went would decide our fate
If you went left, that's it, we'd have to see this thing to the conclusion.
If it was right, I might as well give it up and love my sensible lover instead.
Straight would be interesting.
The green scorched on
And you went right.
Oh well.
I laughed to myself and enjoyed the warmth of your body next to mine.
We drove a half a mile
And then the kicker, you said,
"Wait, I changed my mind. We should have gone left."
We made a sweeping turnaround in the middle of that wide, empty street
Across my heart
And headed down that long, tragic path (if you want to be symbolic about it).
It's just the beginning.

I half thought that you were thinking the same thing. Maybe it was just my imagination.
Alfred AAHH! The rhetorical equivelent of sour milk mixed with spoiled raw chicken parts. Eat up kids!!!

Alfred My cheeks are flushed from all the retching. Oh such saacherine lines!! If you listen very closely you can hear the sound of my instestines erupting. 040112
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