phil wooden sword
non-hemp necklace and backpack
2liter Mr. Pibb bottle
economy sized fingerpaints(r,y,&b)
dusty sunglasses
1 trick ring puzzle (very nice)
uno playing cards
computer disk and other physical collections of interest (ie photos)
magic puzzle pieces in a bag
flourescent 12 oz 7up can
wind chimes, Van Gogh book, diary, "danger" sign, notebooks, ect. in Postal Service container
closet doors & poster "The Doors"
dried orange peels in hacki sack
large bowl
and one large car and car wheel
box kite canopy(rods wanted)
misstree i've found myelf collecting eyeball-themed objects. not sure why, but, golly gee, i like 'em. 020202
Mahayana very fond of my [3 ring hole puncher] punched holes collection

each one is different
+ colors
+ texture
+ thickness
+ some have writing
+ some have writing [not]
+ some words phase life into symbols
+ some are personal holes
+ some are non-personal
+ some are created on purpose
+ others are rescued from the bottom catcher
+ some are used in envelopes as greeting confetti
+ others are glued onto cards as decorative effects

[i love my holes]
[& i think]
[they love me 2]
a gutterpunk that sounds a little dirty 020205
ever dumbening a gutterpunk with a computer

"deadhead sticker on a cadillac"

spare some change for broadband?

freakizh a piece of shattered dark glass
a 10c coin
a clip (which supposedly is a piece of art
a piece of paper with weird cuts (another piece of art, signed)
a chat through piece of papers (i have to confess i swallowed one)
a mask made by my friend
marbles from my fish tanks
all the drawings from my friends in my notebooks.
Mahayana if i was re-creating myself [once again]
picking up the pieces as [i move along]
keeping the ones [i want]
converting [the ones] that need
discarding the ones [i cant be]

[{would this too, make me a freak object}]?

[once again]
[i move along]
[i want]
[the ones]
[i cant be]

[{would this too, make me a freak object}]?
tourist Years ago
Off in the distant past of childhood memories.
There were these things:
A rock that looked like Jupiter
A note book that smelled like pepper
Purple worm pills that tasted like Hell
Satin blanket binding that felt like Heaven
The sound of Crickets in the deep summer night
All of these things are gone now,
Save for the Crickets
The only Ones that I don't miss
Are those Damn Pills!
I still gag just remembering them.
phil Dear Mahayana,

To be a freak object you would have to be something which seemingly has no purpose. Yet has a signifigance that makes you want to keep.

Maybe something undervalued but seriously irreplacable.


Never lost, they were.
on my messy desk glass of water with rubber ducky curly straw

Virtual Makeover 3
tortiose shell glasses
magical wizzard bean
scotch tape
PCTel fax modem
2 batteries
a kleenex
very berry flavour crystal geyser
Zsiga garage_sale 040411
sirflaccid see: the_penny_and_the_rock 051202
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