flowerock they're as pushy as bible_thumpers! I'd rather go to burning_man than read the bible any day, but chill the fuck out!

apparently I just scream burner to people. "but you look like one of us, come with us!" "you need to go you ll love it!" "you it right in"

too dusty, too "the dust easts my skin" too expensive...
I ll stick to smaller festivals and local burns. see you around burner_freaks I m like this every day not just once a year! ha!

so are most of them though.
flowerock a ten minute sermon on how I need to go to burning man and how electric and amazing it is from the dusty psychadelic carpenter upstairs triggered this. over the years it comes up the same. my first festival "you re a punkrock_hippie, perfect!" if someone wants to my partner and I tickets and take us out there then we'll go : P 140903
flowerock I am admittedly less punkrock and have toned down my freak flag to dull clash of patterns and colors and just let my selfy self do the doing these days... I mean, my hair is its natural color and I don t wear my piercings anymore and I m much more calm than I used to be... I ve gone theough a "fittting in" down to earth humble human phase. i m ready for somewhere inbetween... earthly_freak quiet_clown mountain_hippie really though I don t know what "label" I fall under or wanto be if any, it s just fun to guess and day dream. down_to_earth_dreamer ? 140903
falling_alone we bought tickets....
we are spending so much money
we are going to need to spend so much money.

i/m more excited about the logistics of surviving and building shelter.

i have never camped before.

i would like to spend some time naked.
i will bring my stilts.

i should practice stiltwalking.
sounds like a fear of possibility
flowerock. Never camped!? Go camping asap! You won't regret it : )

Stilts sound like fun... but sound like a thing you should indeed practice sober, too.

Hope you have more fun than you can possibly imagine, I hear great things, but I still can't justify the price... I'm a little less anti burner than I was before.
Don't forget not to leave any garbage behind ; ) glitter counts as moop, so does poop! (Couldn't resist the moopoop rhyme)
what's it to you?
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