bijou i was smiling at my sister
pretending to admire her
so that you would have to speak to me
to draw my attention
to meet my eyes

so you spoke
i guess you were trying to love me
Aimee my audition is in a little over a week.. i am so gonna kick ass. 010813
misstree oh

auditioned for a play for the first time in my life this past sunday, never done any sort of theater stuff, thought i did pretty meteoker with most of the parts that i read for... the parts that i was most interested in, though i didn't say it, were the fairies, whom the playwright described as really playful and pranksterish but super intelligent and suchnot, like fairies should be...

anyway, just got a call... i'm_a_fairie! whoo hoo! *does a happy dance* now to hope that whatever job i get will be able to work around practice shedules... *crosses fingers*
Doar congrats misstree. 050714
andru235 awesome! what play, if i may ask? midsummer night? 050714
misstree 's some play written by a local... set in ancient egypt, some princess is the focal point, all about how the world needs love and hope... yeah, should be interesting. :) 050715
andru235 oooh! unique artistic events! truly a privilege. congrats, misstree! 050716
innocent insect there is this really fun movie with this title

good happy fun movie
neesh the japanese one by takashi miike?

oh such a happy cheery film...

i do love how confusing it is though, the mixed chronology, the blurring of reality, the repetition and revision of previous scenes, that kinda thing is right up my street.
the awful truth there i am
on the edge of the cliff
looking down to the sea
like the smoke from a spliff
rising easily

so i spread my vocal chords
blast off in a shower of shouting
some spliced words
lisping and going to fast i am doubting myself.

new york new york
where the buildings rise above the street
like redrocks in the walls of a canyon
if city streets were flooded, walls of water sixty feet high, would you abandon?
or would you lock the doors of the cab you're in and turn and kiss your last girlfriend you'd ever have because soon enough
you snuff.
what's it to you?
who go