tt i have too many things.

amongst them no mercedes or the like, but i find it ironic that a new mercedes puts you more firmly planted than no car at all.

surely i need some of these things.
Miner Far too many for my liking, its getting to the point that they are all becoming meaningless, if things keep going the way they are either all, or pretty much all of them will be cast off, and a new life formed, or I'm gonna crack. 010609
kx21 What happened to your attachments after you go to Heaven? 010610
Grievance It's dependance, (dependence?) and doubts. Cluttering over each other as they heave toward fortune. They felt right. But, I don't think they acted right.

If I'm attached to you, I'm dependent upon you. So many things we string behind us, to dangle there. We have to haul them around with everything else.
Then they make sounds as we move, even so we're not always aware they're there.

Yet, it doesn't feel like home without an attachment. Nothings yours, and you'd just drift endlessly. Free, yes. But burdened still, by your own plagues of doubt, that surfaces like the tides when the moon gets close. In getting close to the moon (freedom) you only cover more up (the tides). I hope I don't drown, the moon looks so pretty reflected on the water. Even if this was a placid lake, there's still a tide.
And the moon looks ever so much more alluring.

--please, understand the communication.
mourningstars i am a keeper of secrets

dire and dread

i make no bond i cannot sever at the drop of a pin

this is the road to hell
i walk
a little
ilovepatsajak i get really attached to people or things and it always drives them away. even though i act like i'm not attached, they still go away. then i get so angry and say that i'll never do it again but i always do and it just keeps happening. it has never not happened. my life is great expectations. 011115
ilovepatsajak i'm at an awful age
i'm at an awful stage
we don't stand a chance
it's the death of true romance
when a glance was just a glance
we don't stand a chance
-the sheila divine
oldephebe i get that 040309
oldephebe oh here's a thought - are our attachments to so called things really an expression of our own emotional or pyschological fixations and hence addicted to the said emotional/physical psychological subset of responses and associations..and hence in essence an artifact of our very own that we are in fact addicted, attached to our own illusory constructs, we are then on the knees upon the shards of glass worshiping at the temple of our own self constructed representative attachments...worshiping our own response to said object that in and of itself constitutes nothing...
silentbob i am frowning as hard as i possibly can 040310
Lemon_Soda Yes, oldphebe, actually thats exactly what it means. Reread Consensual_Reality if you get the chance. 040311
unhinged lessons_in_attachment 061203
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