amy mary, are you sick? 991224
Quintessensual Hell, yes, I'm sick!

This very minute I'm in frigging LABOR. If my mother, biology ta, and the frigging Pope are to be believed, I'm the substantial equivalent of a VIRGIN.

It's going to take some religion a couple of millenia to figure this all out. Just hope there aren't wars over it.

I can tell you for sure that there's no way Joseph could be the source of my current "sickness." He watches every Bob Dole ad with great interest, but I'm not aware that he's done anything to follow up.

Besides my being sick as hell, we're near Bethlehem now and we forgot to make a miserable hotel reservation before we left. I just wish Joseph would plan ahead sometimes.

A cabby told us "Forget it, folks. There ain't no room in any inn around here. This town is packed and rockin' tonight. There's also no space in any hospital. On weekends around this time a' year, they're all filled with drunken tourists.

"I know there's some free space in a barn just outside 'a town. Wanna go there? Ma'am, you're gonna need to lie down pretty soon."

So Joseph tells the cabby to take us to the barn. That's where we are now. It's freezing.

First it's El Nino causing all our problems. Then it's El Nina. No wonder the world's weather changes so fast. Why the heck can't the oceanographers do anything about that. Damn El Nina makes it cold this time of year around here. There must not be enough women oceanographers yet, for Christ's sake, or this shit would never hit the fan.

We don't even know what the kid's name is going to be.

Jesus, I wish I were home with my friends now.

Copr. 1999
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