psyki abercrombie, old navy, gap.
you're so fashionable.
i want to be just like you.
maybe money can buy love.
fabric is cheap. you're buying a name.
you're selling yourself to corporate america.
you're a conceited prostitute.
i hope you still look pretty when you die.
i want to put spiders down your khakis.
MollyGoLightly If you want to follow a trend, follow a god-damn trend. Some trends are fun. Like Pokemon. They're cute. Or swing dancing. Trendy as all get out, but fun as hell. Tall shoes. Use them to squish the people who denounce you as Trendy. 000328
Brad Yeah i agree... i don't pay much attention to trends, one way or another. In my opinion, trying hard to avoid trends is just as false and contrived as trying to follow them. In the end, it's all trying to make yourself into something. Not being trendy is in itself a trend, of sorts. I do hate swing dancing though, molly, with a passion... it's just awful. hehe. sorry. :) 000328
MollyGoLightly But it's so fun....well, I take it you're not too big on dancingso there's no point in arguing with you about it.... 000328
Brad Yeah molly, you're right. In almost all cases i'd much rather be on the bandstand. 000328
birdmad " don't say what you mean
you might spoil your face
if you walk in a crowd
you won't leave any trace

it's always the same
jumping someone else's train

it won't take you long
to learn the new smile
you have to adapt
or you'll be out of style

it's always the same
jumping someone else's train

if you pick
up really quick
you can say you were

again and again and again
jumping someone else's train

it's the latest wave
that we've been craving for
the old wave
was becoming such a bore

now you're back in line
going not quite as far
but in half the time

everyone's happy
they're finally all the same
'cause everyone's jumping
everybody else's train "

smith / gallup / tolhurst / thompson
MollyGoLightly I like the first line of that song, but not because of the way Robert "His Royal Gothness" Smith meant it. Don't say what you mean. You don't owe it to anyone to ever say what you mean. 000401
birdmad i stopped saying what i mean to avoid ever being accused of sincerity or altruism 000402
MollyGoLightly Good idea :) 000402
niske it's so trendy to be unique that it's become unique to be trendy. 030301
crimson trendy
c bhfuil mo geansa? n. A complete and utter wanker who insists on buying clothes with nonsensical words written across the front, because he thinks it make him trendy
adj. Cool, hip, a complete wanker
wp Jo's Coffee on South Congress in Austin, Texas. 040410
white_wave abercrombie_and_fish. it smells of overpriced clothing. i wouldn't buy their trends even if they were cheap. 040411
stork daddy someone asked if i have suicidal thoughts. i don't really. i think often of being reborn though and somehow this seems similar. 040411
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