jete to be consumed by love
to be completely and utterly belong to each other
to forget about the past
to soak in each others present
and future
to forget that the world is round
that the sky is up
that gravity holds us down
to be so enveloped by each others thoughts that sometimes fantasies become reality
to become on being
nothin is yours
nothing is mine
everything is ours
our dreams, our love, our happiness
our hope
we share
to never be lonely or uncomforted
to be there in times of need or boredom
to conquer the universe with one breath, one kiss, one look
to never have a reason to lie
for honesty
to be in love and be loved
to move a mountain with one touch
to stop a river with one word
to never have to fight or forgive
to live
to open up our eyes to yield new colors
or dream new dreams
unhinged in a picture
or some words on a screen
or one sentence
or beer can
in a dimple
or stubble
or guitar-deformed fingers
down to ashes
because you know
there is only so much of me
before the fire goes out
Sol 3 pots of biopot peach and wheat grain yoghurt, fruisili pasta, one packet, 2 tins plum tomatoes
1 tin tuna
8 bananas
5 peaches
4litres apple juice
2litres orange juice
2 loafs plain brown bread
1/2 kilo cheddar cheese
1 1/2 jars honey
1/2 jar apricot jam
2 packets of hob nob biscuits
2 frozen pizzas
water, unlimited

list of food consumed by myself and 2 freinds yesterday, whilst clearing my orchard
Sol forgot 1 lettuce
2 onions
4 tomatoes
1/2 cucumber
florescent light that's more than I've eaten all week 010616
Special K I am so smitten, so stupid and patient and hopeful and confused. All I want to do is kiss him, lay beside him, look at him and laugh with him and dance with him, work with him and learn with him.

I want to touch every part of him the moment each crosses my mind. I want to be sinful and wicked and trusting and adored. I want to warm him and soothe him and reassure him.

I tell myself that, as with any fever, this too shall pass. I close my eyes and wait to be free, hoping all the while that I am wrong, that this delicious affliction is without cure.

Unlikely, in an age of advanced medicine...
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Again and again
It's no crime
what's it to you?
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