mulder So, Rich and Chris Robinson (of Black Crowes fame) say that they've tapped into this gigantic entity known as "the song" and that everything they write/record is born out of "the song." Well, if this mystical thing exists, then why does everything I write sound blah and dull to my ear? Is there some reason I have yet to be a journeyman down such a wonderous lane as Chris and Rich have already traveled? Am I just not good enough? Or is my brilliance still lying dormant inside of me, an immense well just waiting to be tapped? It's wierd when you feel that there's something inside of you begging to come out, something that the world can latch on to, identify with, and yet it's stuck just below the surface, mocking you like the face beneath the riples of a crystal clear lake on a brilliant summer's day. It's like I've got the songs, but they don't have me, or vice versa depending on viewpoint. All I know is that I'll catch up to them eventually, and when I do there'll be a splash on the scene... just wait...

But is it really about the song itself, is it really 1% inspiration and 99% persperation, or is there more to it than that? I've met my share of fickle muses, and had my share of writer's block, and I love being in my goofy little band, I'm just tired of covers and second rate originals... where's the good stuff? i know it's down there somewhere... maybe in my heart, maybe in my gut, or possibly even down around and to the far left of my soul... i just need to find it... soon.... feels like i need help.... oh well.
mulder It has been said that music is the language of the soul, and I've only really crossed that bridge a few times. The bridge where it goes beyond what you hear and what you create to become simply what you are. I've also heard it said that whenever some kid plugs a Fender guitar into an amp, Buddy Holly is there in the room and that the kid just needs to be open to his presence. Without sounding like a total nut, I'd like to say that i've been down that road, and it's one of the greatest experiences i've ever had. 010729
mulder nobody has added to this yet.... why do they always hate the musical genius? 010731
little bug when everthing else is gone 031121
june there's nofin left 2 doo
so u doo it anyway
boo hoo

no one knows how anything feels to me oday
bugs or none
what's it to you?
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