Mahayana creating and implementing change stems from two main venues

behavioral and emotional change

in order to make change you have to break the patterns that hold you back and redirect your life

realize that everythings done to avoid pain or to get into pleasure

develop new plans to get
*out of pain
*get into pleasure

1] Decide what you want & what is preventing you from getting it?
what do you wanna change?

make a serious attempt to contemplate and write down what do you wanna change
making sure to be honest and notate whats preventing you from obtaining it.

2]Get leverage on yourself
You cant change if you link pain to change or not enough linking of change to pleasure. You have to associate not changing with extreme pain, and unhappiness.

what have you been missing out on?
if you change what will you gain?

3] Interrupt the old pattern
When you interrupt the pattern you render it useless, do something unexpected, weird, out-rageous, or stupid to break the pattern.

In what weird, unexpected ways can you change the pattern you fall into. [if you are fearful of public speaking, when you feel that fearful urge coming on what can you do to break the pattern? when you are getting angry what can you do to break that change? what weird, silly, out-rageous way can you break the pattern?] breaking the pattern is key to changing.

4] Create an empowering behavior, adopt a replacement behavior to replace the old pattern.

create some alternates if you are working towards feeling good and making that change. make a list, keep it with you as a reminder. use the top three from that list.

some people immerse themselves into fullfilling relationships, find new exciting topics to study, work towards a fullfilling career

5] Conditioning new patterns till its permanent, do that something over & over till its dominate.

what can one do to ensure definitely that they'll stick to this new pattern thusly ensuring its conditioned? think about it, write it down.

6] Test it. Think about the situation you wanna change, imagine yourself in that situation, totally immerse yourself into that situation, everything youd feel in that situation- feel it. How are you doing? If you feel the old way that you are working to change go back & look at the 6 steps, and really question will making this change enhance yourself and your life, does this change remain true to your values and morals?

rework the six steps, till perfected.

These 6 steps can also be used for negotiating, if thought about ahead of time, and considering both sides.

ideas derived from Anthony Robbins teachings on change, very simple steps but powerful implications if one really sits down and works these steps, remember if you write down your goals you are 300% more likely to achieve them

[these are new considerations for my life]
User24 very good. 030731
User24 however.

if you stop wanting, you attain everything.

of course, I understand that a compromise between selective self re-conditioning and selective self contentment is in order.
6am if you stop wanting, wont you attain nothing since everything has no value to you, you will never have it. i think its kinda important to say that you attain nothing instead of everything since if by any chance u start wanting again, then you'll realize that ur fucked. 030801
nomme want to stop wanting
you want to not want
you cannot want
you want you want not
to want
u24 but as everything is nothing, it's ok. :) 040127
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