birdmad shoot the impulse
biochemical lightning
my fingertips
along the back of your hand
and up your arm to your shouldrers

your hand in mine, if even for only a brief moment

you fall asleep in the car and your head comes to rest on my shoulder while i drive

and i can feel this burning feeling radiate from the center of my chest to the very edges of my fingernails
Special K Breathless, I stammer,

How... how did you see into my eyes this way?

(No reply from the circuitry.)


How often we interpret a machine's cathode glow for a sort of bioluminescence.
enriquecito the CRT is the only thing we look at routinely whose light comes from within, rather than being reflected from our own world outside. 010608
impatient virgin It was in the Waffle House.

We are all sitting around the table, somehow the conversation moves to his lip ring, and if girls like it, what it does to kisses etc.

Suddenly, even though I haven't even thought about him this way before, I am consumed by the thought of kissing him, just to feel the sensation of that ring between us, the contrast of cool with warm, metal with skin, hard with soft.

He sat right next to me. I fought the urge to reach up and turn his face towards me and plant one on him right there.

I would have been really nice for just a second, and now I'm still wondering.

unhinged touch me here
touch me there
touch me anywhere
i want your hands on me
like sugar on ice
i want your kisses everywhere
that i never thought they could be
your eyes
your smile
tearing at little parts of me
it's like a bottomless pit
your hands
callused and knobby
grab me as
the chemical translation
does not quite compute
as long as anywhere
is with you
freakizh this sensation makes me so uneasy. i know i've felt it before, somewhere along friends' departures. my knees are unstable and pricked by a thousand thorns, my throat is having convulsions of necesity. i salivate too much like if i was about to throw my desperate heart. i shake too much, like if i was suffering from a wellknown illness.

i could say you affect me emotionally, and today, biologically, as you were somekind of painkiller chemical that makes my life livable.

my throat finally surrenders and i just blurt out: "i_miss_you".
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