[ brancing out from ask_misstree ]

ok, well, sab started it with an eris present -

and misstree came back with, which is in the same vein as

to which i say:
my darling plantgirl, you truly are disturbing and for that i love you dearly.

pres back at you...

it's a community encylopedia of esoterica that everyone can contrubute too.
fuck all on Our Lady Of Discord however. although we can fix that.

now babe, your turn.
and you can't have, no matter how hard you try
so ner.
sab entertained, dammit.
eris, get the hell out of my keyboard. surely you must get all squished up in there? not to mention constatnly having to dodge the detris that falls from my life into the slits down the sides of the keys.

honestly, madam, surely there are funner places to play?
not sab or misstree it was worth it just for that. 040222
misstree well, first off darlin', i had to pause a moment to not take offense to the offhanded comparison to there is a world of difference, and perhaps i am remiss for not pointing it out to you when dropping that particular trinket... is an entertainment site, it has no cares about offending and frequenly uses both sex and gore in much of its material... and that's fine, that's lurvely, i still think stileproject is better for the genre but rotten will always get its full props... ogrish, however, specializes... yes... ogrish does not put forth gore to shock or offend... it appeals to those that seek out that sort of thing... those who revel in the grotesque... and o do i revel in it... such fascination... the pretty messes beneath our skin are worth so much more than a few guffaws... but that link was also to point out the difference between the two, and possibly to get you to step outside your world... eeh, and because i was in the mood for it... regardless, i go on and on...

again with work being a poohead and not allowing me outside the blue here (with the occasional scout sent over to email), i have another link which i haven't yet perused, but which i think may be of extreme interest... tonight, tonight, i will see if it is worth being placed before you on silver platter, and indeed go a-poking at that which you provided... i have a few inklings... and as i said, my slice of the playground at the moment is pretty durn limited, unless you want directions to my eyeball or gross_foods collections over on neopets... heh... bah, i babble, telling tales for daddy off to the side has drained all the good words out of me... but i will attend to this as i can...
misstree first, go to

then, go to

you shouldn't need the first too much, but there are a few shady spots.

and babble at me about the show when you have the time and inclination.
Persona Perhaps either of you ladies would get a kick out of 040309
three words curt_cobain
what's it to you?
who go