birdmad a supposedly psychic occurence.

in my family we have been known to see ghosts.

my father saw his father's ghost walking out of our room as my brother and i slept slept, shushing him as he stepped out onto the back porch and disappeared...the night after we buried him...i was only four.

since i was twelve, i have had a dream of a future devoid of all of the utopian sci-fi bullshit, in the dream i am about forty-five or so (give or take a year or two), in the dream, i am cornered in a place that looks like a warehouse, i am somewhere near seattle, i never knew that bremerton, washington was an actual place until three years ago when i met someone from there, but it's the only other identifiable thing in the dream, i am holding a strangely shaped semi-automatic pistol, i squeeze off a short burst toward a sudden sound, the sound of the ocean is fierce outside, there is a severe storm blowing outside, most of the lights fail and i hear the sound of the steps coming closer and i can feel the bullets tear through my flesh and i do not wake up from the dream until the last breath has ome bloody from my lips as i smile gratefully into the faces of my killers, it is cold.

my father knew when he would die, he did not know how, but he did know when, i know both.

but, oh, god have i spent so much time trying to beat fate to the punch
MollyGoLightly Thought they were cool when I was fourteen or so. Now I would rather them leave me be. 000525
grasshopper Me too, Molly. 000526
J. do you see dead people? we all can, if we want to. 001227
metamantrg the gift you have
is both a bliss'n
and a curse these things
can reflect on your preception of
life and death sould be
Anthony I have seen myself die about seven times everyone is a different way i believe that it is because i change that part of my life after every premonition. finally i said forget it and i have had no more instead i now have about 2 to 3 of them nightly about people that i have never met, places that i have never been, and ways of death that i have never seen. if anyone can tell me something that seems odd about this please inform me. thanks 040112
cassie i think i cheated death 040228
fritz There was an odd feeling in the air, and all three of them could sense it. So could the rest of the city. People were acting strange, the streets were more empty than usual. Rusty and Shred were trying to put it off as nothing, a change in weather maybe. Christopher was convinced that it was a warning of something horrible about to happen. 041113
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