dead_batteries a quick turn of phrase, simple ways into the maze just fading to clay. her eyes looked down into the oblivion forgetten between her feet and the sun rises high again, deep harvest shades fill the glasses raised in cheer, and her breathe is caught in a year, in a year away from the frozen corridors full of turns lost beneath the waves.... one day, she says, one day, i say. 050921
unhinged . 050921
seuadr i think that will be when i'm dead. 060916
audricstien Walking the path of light and dark, you pass between that which is close and what separation I can not stand. From there to here you are on my mind, but that does not mean you will always be needed. You became a was early on. 080127
unhinged cause when i win the lottery
i'm gonna buy a town
and we're all gonna live there
hsg do we already? 080127
unhinged nope
so that i could look into your eyes
and tell you how beautiful you are
still one of the most powerful moments of my life
one i've clung to
in times of darkness
i want my light to chase away
all your darkness
face to face
Lemon_Soda I can only dream 080127
krupt I cant see this happening anytime soon... though theres always hope and alcohol... and i got plenty of both. 080303
jane i hope not. i think there will always be a part of me that misses you. 080303
birdmad to my chagrin i know that this will never be true.

nearly ten years later, i still feel this occasional pang, this empty little ache that pulls me off of my cloud and back down to the ground when i thought i was cruising smoothly and neatly along again.

watched a movie i had not seen in a couple of years and a song on the soundtrack was like tearing stitches

( like_a_friend )
Doar This I know is understated,

but I will always miss you.

the moment I dove up in that old ford pickup with the bondo'd side panels.

the moment when I asked you to ride with me, in front of your brother and the neighborhood kids, and you jumped in, as if you wanted to escape.

and now I want to escape back to that time where our conversation was trying not to land in the place both of us wanted to land.

My Love.

Doar And it has slaved me,

the memory of you,
your arms, your warmth pressed against me,

your joy, and finality.

I'm always storing these memories,
leaving them to be a mine when I try to remember.
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