Tim? You are imperfect. I am imperfect. We are imperfect together. 010809
bahia we are all flawed. but we are all perfect. 011010
Sonya Our little flaws and eccentric qualities are what make us imperfect and thusly (to me) perfect. Yeah it's lame irony but I needed to throw in a thought before trying to do this thing we call "sleep". 011010
the_engineer and perfection in one... the human existence is as such... 011010
kx21 SEEP... 011011
kx21 SHIT... 011011
Drake Dracoli You understand so little.

One who knows nothing can understand nothing.

I know nothing, therefore I understand nothing.

I understand nothing, therefore I know all that there is for me to know.

Imperfection is life. Imperfection is power. Do you not see? Think of perfection as a scale between one and ten. Ten being perfect. That would mean that ten is the stopping point. You can not exceed ten, as it is perfection. The best achievable. When we realize that pefection does not exists; we can understand that imperfection is the key to power. If perfection does not exist, then there is no stopping point; there are no borders; we can expand as far as we wish. We can go beyond ten; we can reach twenty, thirty. We can release from out of these numbers; the numbers may not even exist. In achieving imperfection, as I am so desperately trying; we shall obtain a state of absolue in-symmetry. Do you understand, my child?
catherine is beautiful in its own way because at least it's real. perfection isn't tangible, anyway.
and i need something i can touch.
Syrope emotions are blemishes on the face of experience 040324
pete i find comfort in imperfection 040324
Syrope i've never known anything different
so i find comfort and uneasiness there
z japanese teabowl pottery based on perfected imperfection is an aesthetic principle informed by a zen process. 040325
notme everything_perfect
notme beautiful_universe 040325
Staind_And_Souless I am the most perfect example of imperfection you will ever see 041117
emmi i am imperfect, you are imperfect, together we are perfect. 041117
derek everything is pefect enough for what it needs to be. think about it, you pick up some crappy far-from-perfect painting, what other painting could be that painting as well? none, everything else would fall short. this brush stroke wouldnt suck enough, and that color would be just a bit too nice. its only THIS painting that has all the right screw ups to be perfect enough to be THIS painting.

why can't this be good enough for everyone? we have such a crazy high ideal for perfect, when perfect is something just being and doing what its supposd to be and supposed to be doing.

this imperfection thing is one big fat lie.
Sleepy_TK I tell myself
that it is my
that make

Beautiful & Unique

I don't know if thats True
just something I say
to comfort myself

(your view of)
any more or less
beautiful then
(my view of)

How would one decide the Truth?

Who is not stained
by their own perceptions?
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