gwyllynne why after three years...of hopes...and dreams...and plans....and promises....and tender words....and thoughts.....why after three years am I suddenly not good enough?

i gave you something, something pure.....and no...i do not want it back.

::hangs head in shame as the tears fall down::
calypso calling perfectly flawed
i flew and fell,
like anything today
i'm bound for hell
ClairE We're all flawed in different ways. That's what makes us fit together. Some people are better for you than others. That's the beauty in it.
Flaws give some order to our lives. Some sort of rules.

When I was little I'd always choose the damaged toy. It just seemed more special to me.
Freak scared and forever flawed 020430
inner demons bordering on defective even 020430
lobsterman well...you know the return policy...on the bright side...at least you aren't mainstream...well...jeesh...my inability to say anything pertinent seems a flaw right now 020430
lobsterman but sometimes it's a blessing! 020430
Lough(RL) there are no flaws, just unique characteristics......... 021214
blown cherry and maybe inherently so,
but as long as we've got eachother I still think that's something worth holding on to.
Syrope he asked if i saw us ever being something more. i shook my head no, without looking at him.

later he washed my hair for me, toweled me off gently, and kissed and stroked my back and my shoulders, until i fell asleep.

i don't know what else i'm waiting for.
Soma this feeling is strange
happy that you're kind of broken
like me you have them
scars and imperfections and nervous tics
reminding me that it's okay
that i'm human
that i'm allowed to feel

you say
perfect people never change, never grow
perfect people are doomed
making the same mistakes
day in and day out

but those of us who are scarred
battle-hardened and flawed
we can learn
the fact that we aren't perfect and finished
lets us grow

even if it's not the best way
or the perfect way
we find a way that works
we find a way to grow
always reaching towards the sun
what's it to you?
who go