Tank "When people say you're dead, you know you caught their eye, and on any other day I'd be soul destroyed, but that's just not the way now I don't mind telling you nothing is quite what it seems..."

The Sundays, from 'Blood on my Hands'
like rain. i hate myself for knowing that i wouldn't want to forget this if i could.

i wouldn't want to forget you even though i know the only reason you want to see so much of me now is that we are on the verge of the apocolypse.

i wouldn't want to forget us even though those two letters twist me up inside and wring the blood out of my heart.

i wouldn't want to forget even though i suspect that one day, you will.
monee imbedded. 041217
monee i keep seeing this word now 041222
marjorie there once was a squirrel
who at the tender age of three months
had a piece of glass embedded in his paw
now this was a most unfortunate thing
for it made bounding from tree to tree very difficult.
he was very sad and in his sadness and perhaps a little too much drinking, he remembered a story about a large cat and a mouse and one had a thorn in its paw.
of course, where was he to find this mouse?
and what could he do to persuade this mouse to help him with his painful situation?
would cheese be enough or would that be offensive? how about a cat body guard? no, these things can never be assured. even money cannot protect a mouse. he must think of something great
but first he must find the mouse.
he asked all of his squirrel friends, where, oh wehre can i find this mouse--this mouse of medical miracles?
the squirrels did not know.
the squirrel searched far and wide and right when he was beginning to think he would never find the mouse he spotted it! running between two garbage cans across the street, the light of the sun glinting off his muddy brown back. this must be the one! this glorious samaritan rodent! he dashed down the tree in which he was perched, gleeful at his chance finally arriving! soon his paw would be free of the glass and he would once again bounce from tree to tree without the pain agitation of glass grinding deeper into his poor flesh.
the mouse jumped down, gingerly holding the paw with the embedded glass, while hurrying.
his joy was so great that as he scurried along, he did not heed the sounds and sights around him, nor did he notice the giant black wheel as it descended upon him.
in an instant, his glass problem was solved
but our friend the injured squirrel... well, he was as they say, in a better place.
let that be a lesson to you.
marjorie there's a "mouse" in there that should be "squirrel" these things happen when you blather and don't reread.
let that be a lesson to you
don't reread.
oh hey. time for some apple cider.
what's it to you?
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