silentbob I know this boy from back home who never became famous or terribly successful or even that intelligent. Like I am not 100% sure he graduated high school with me. He did become a father and says these things on Facebook that seem like he is reading them from motivational posters or coffee mugs or chicken soup for the soul. But what caught me about his post today is that while I have put him in a box in my mind as not especially ambitious or amazing or remarkable, today I saw him express something beautiful, or something he thought was beautiful to him. He said:

"I just love the days that define an existence to this world."

Which made me think about infinite_jest and the character of don_gately who is not a stupid person, he has the capacity to be brilliant, he just hasn't been taught because life circumstances prevented him from obtaining the information. This is a guy who felt something beautiful and expressed it in a way that was completely true for his experience, and in a way it was more poetic than poetry because of how real it is. There is something even more beautiful about how not eloquent the statement is.

I am not close to this person who is now a father, because_the_internet and facebook do not bring us closer, in fact probably push us further apart. But I would not have seen this tiny morsel of humanity if not for facebook. It would just be gone from my life and I would never think about david or his kids or his life or the way he expresses beauty in his own experience.

I just think there is something painfully beautiful about what is true. And expressing beauty in a way that is true to you that may not be true to others.
unhinged it took almost 16 years for one of us to make a home for this word? really??? 140204
unhinged i watched the slight flurries swirl around the brave
little flowers i couldnt name
i hiked until
my fingers were numb

50 blocks later i sat down
to a triple ipa

is what shes meant to be
flowerock "I just love the days that define an existence to this world."
every day should. some are more clear than others, some come back as memory to remind us.

I kind of miss snow in the winter, the romantic beauty of it, the glittering in the sun and moon light, the crunch and the smell, but not the cold or the wet of it.

The image of flowers growing in the snowy flurries is beautiful. thank you.
unhinged you're welcome

two weeks ago it was 50 degrees
warm enough to
the flowers out

its cold enough for snow

what's it to you?
who go