mon wake up wake up fall into your clothes
sink into your skin
mon i am walking backwords
over the lines
mon basket of fleece
table ceiling room
oh yes i remember now
i am in my bed
i can feel the world turning me in
here i am
cat eyes stir me into a smile
where did my dreams go
when did all this snow fall
how did it get so cold here
where did it all go
where have i been
where am i
oh yes i remember now
basket curtain ceiling floor
my bed this body a liquid life
i will take it all with me
one day i will step away
i won't be going anywhere
i will be
flying fins into wings
nom reconnect 040308
white_white overblathes i wish i didn't have DSL. then it would be easier to disconnect from blather. 040308
notme sleeping was strange today
so very strange
pete soon i will only have dial up, making it harder to blathe when i want to. only then i wont have to study. 040425
monee sleeping is always strange 041228
Mister Brightside all my senses rebel 041229
Piso Mojado is this my life? where are my friends? what am i doing? where am i going? who am i dating? who am i? 051204
sirflaccid Freedom comes when you can disconnect the pain. 051205
nom the stars 051206
no reason think i might have to 051206
z me, i disconnect from you. gary numan. 051206
no reason but i don't want to :( 051223
Ouroboros sometimes i look at him and don't recognize his face and wonder what i am doing with this man in his bed in portland oregon 060204
shadow the clown i canít explain how it came to this
really I cannot.
but ever since I can remember I have felt a strong
with the world as if i
didnít belong here and it
scares me deeply.
one thing is for certain
itís getting worse with age.
falling_alone emit certain words
like details with meaning
and listen to your laundry
that screams
Put me Away
while your artist's model
stands proudly
singing I'm a Little TeaPot
infront of blinking lights
while the same
blinks underneath
and they huddle
I'm going to DisneyWorld
unhinged you say i am special to you
you say you adore me

you dump me on christmas_eve because you don't see a deeper future in our relationship, i was obviously more emotionally invested than you.

you say you want to be my friend

but you don't even try to stop me when i walk out the door cause i'm obviously about to start crying and don't want you to see it.

i don't stick around for people whose words and actions don't line up.
what's it to you?
who go