kate damn you for doing this
'doing what?'

damn you for being you
but being so far away

damn you for the fact that i don't even know why i can't focus on anything else.

damn you because i don't think there's something we can do from here, but there's something going on.

damn you because every night when i'm thinking about you being closer, i think i shouldn't be as (whatever it is that i am with you) as i am being.

damn you for doing wonders on a girls confidence.

and damn me for not thinking something is going on and not knowing how to get this back under control or not knowing if this could even be under control again.

damn me for something you might never understand.

damn you for something i don't have words for
kate damn you for scaring me beyond belief.

i don't want to be in over my head and i don't want to be hurting you.
Xipe Totec one of my favourite prince songs...

"damn U
U're so fine

seems 2 happen 2 me
each and every time
we make love
(eye) can't hold back
it's like havin'
a hundred million
little heart attacks

damn U
baby, U're so fine

damn this
kooky love affair
all (eye) ever wanna do
is play with your hair
damn this
kooky love affair

Like animals
just born 2 breed
come 2 think about U
baby U're my only need
2 people
crazy in love
in 2 one another
like a hand in glove
when we're makin love
(eye) can't hold back
it's like havin'
a hundred million little heart attacks

damn U
baby U're so fine"

1992, controversy music
from the Price and the New Power Generation release "O-+-"
kate damn you

here we are
and i dont know
where that is
or what it looks like

i didn't mean it was time to
evaluate something and decide

just damn you for being as cool as you are.
silentbob Sara's favorite line she says in the play 001023
kate I said damn you, because you could say anything and inside I'd be... (that word I never found) 001026
god o where are you now? pussy willow that smiled on this leaf. when i was alone you promised the stone from your heart. my head kissed the ground, i was half the way down... treading the sand. please. please lift a hand i'm only a person with eskimo chain i tattooed my brain all away.
would you miss me?
wouldn't you miss me at all?
Laura You blackened my soul,
Made my clean heart filthy,
Used me so no one else would want me.
Until I could stand myself no longer,
So now,
From the heart of hell
I stab thee,
A corrupt cupids bow aimed straight for your heart,
Your heart already too dark to hurt anymore,
I will show you true pain,
I will set you free.
I will send you to earth as a clean soul,
And help you find the same pain I found,
And I will laugh gaily,
As your heart follows the steps of mine.
unique butterfly DAMN YOU!!

i needed to say that. sorry.
phil today 020729
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