Armoredshoes Does anyone really know what commies are all about? or is it just a bunch of pigs eye stye rye? 030630
silentbob i know what commies are all about. Those goddamn reds just want our women and our money and our consciousness. damn pigs. 030630
User24 communism can only evolve, it can't be forced, and even then, there are always differences, every man is NOT born equal.

I don't know of any community that's tried a non-capitalist system of government and had any success.

please let me know if you know different
The Spork Human nature is waaaaaay to fallible to ever really let communism or anarchy or any "Utopian" social agendas succeed.

Humanity, per se, ain't nothing but a bad case of simian pattern baldness with a nice helping of really crappy attitude to boot.
User24 I agree, humanity's idealists would have us beleive that if only a bunch of like minded individuals could get together in an open, non-governed system, everything would be fine.

I think blather has proved them wrong.

But still, that's no reason to stop trying, right?
Peens Exactly.
I read and support communist works and all and people always shit on me about because either they are dumb or argue that it is impossible and doesnt work.

Well jsut because soemthing is inevitable doesn't mean we should accept it. It is like saying peace is impossible so we should just forget about it.

I mean, Totalitarianism worked out in 1984, does that mean we should go and embrace that.
micky jo I know of a community that worked under communist rule.
The Smurfs.
That's right I said it.
The Smurfs were communist.
Papa smurf wore the red hat.
The bad guys were obsessed with gold (AKA capitalism).
They shared everything equally no matter how strong or lazy.
Think about it.
Smurf Woohoo! Someone mentioned me! 040419
Smurf By the way. Russia worked as Communist. They did.

But.. But.. They went under you lying scum!!

Yeah. Sure. If you say so. In my opinion USA is in a much worse state now-a-days than Russia ever was.
Besides, it can be argued that it was not fully-communist during the cold war. Stalin had to kill some 20 million people to become . That sounds like Facism, or Dictatorship to me.

And Communism is still worked in North Korea, China, North Vietnam, and what about Cuba? That's basicly Communism too, with some small differences. Cuba is accually very well off at the moment, I'd rather live there than in the USA (there are exceptions).
smurf Some insight into Karl Marx, he moved to france to avoid debt, he moved to england to avoid debt in france, he was in debt in England too, untill a rich cousin took him in. He spent every day at the library just writing in his notebook. He never worked a day in his life. Not bad for a man who created the Worker's Revolution. 040419
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