silentbob The swealtering heat of the concrete jungle is where it takes place. Hardcore punk music is the first element. Tension and aggression are added to the mix. Rebellion, hatred for the system in heavy doses, and to top it off, a Mayor who is just a plain DICK! These elements once combined and fused become the most influential and volatile hardcore punk band in America.

New York's Agnostic Front has returned from their word tour supporting their Epitaph release, 'Something's Gotta Give.' Europe, Japan, Australia, South America and the United States witnessed their fury.

This September will bring the second A.F. Epitaph release. 'Riot, Riot, Upstart', produced by label mate Lars Fredricksen of Rancid. The result, 17 blistering new songs.

"Rebellious music for rebellious people" adds front man Roger Miret. "Riot, Riot deals with social political issues revolving around our personal lives on a daily basis. This record is a direct reflection of where we're at in the conclusion of the 90's." This new offering once again features the classic 'Victim of Pain' lineup who are at this moment gearing up for the release by performing on the east coast dates of this years WARPED TOUR.

Rogers vocals are brutally real and inspiring. "They are aggressive and intelligent"; states manager and long time friend Billy Milano. "He still has a lot to say about the injustices the world and that gives him a edge that no one else has, he's been there".

What can one say about Vinnie Stigma, "The Godfather of Hardcore". The man is simply a living legend. Buried beneath the angry scowl of the man lies a heart of gold. The kids around the world recognize this and love him for it. We asked Stigma if it's true, if he really does have a heart of gold. His reply was simple, "I hear ya". Enough said I guess.

On 'Riot, Riot, Upstart' Vinnie's guitar work is at it's finest. He is tighter than ever and takes the time to even do some leads. When asked about the recording process he replied, "I had a great time doin this record. Lars was cool and everything went off without a hitch".

Bass player Rob Kabula adds, "Yeah, we finally got it right. We worked hard on this record and it feels like the best one yet."

Not to be left out of the conversation is the backbone of the beat, Jimmy 'the lump' Collette. With a gleam in his eye he states, "This is a great record. I hang out in the scene and see where it's going. What I wanted to do is let everyone know where it came from." Something AF has certainly accomplished with 'Riot, Riot, Upstart'.

This record is a great listening experience. It demands not to be taken lightly. Some guest appearances on the record include Billy Milano from SOD, Toby and Rusty from H20 and Kerry Martinez from the US_Bombs.

'Riot, Riot, Upstart' is essential to anyone who goes against the grain and walks out of step with society.

'Riot, Riot, Upstart' is simply Agnostic Front.
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