the40ozwarriors Drink ALL the Alcohol in the World. 010710
PJ Kix i drink therefore i am. i am drunk when i'm drinking and swilling down 40 oz bottles of camo malt liquor because one camo is enough for me. it's the one with the 8% brew. 40-oz Warriors - Mission: Drink All The Alcohol! 010710
dB Jamisons Irish Whiskey! I could drink that all damn weekend! Hang on... I do already. The best whiskey on the planet, I think you should all go and buy some. 010710
kingsuperspecial ahem.

jamesons may be the best IRISH whisky, but Chivas Regal is the best blended scotch whisky. For non-blended (single malt), I'd go with Uban or Macallan.

I'm not much for Canadian, but Crown Royal will do in a pinch, and they got it as Safeway for 15.99. with the club card discount.

Now, if you're talking about bourbon

:: sighs ::

well, let's get a bottle of Baker's and a bucket of ice and some glasses, and I'll show you kiddies how to DRINK.

where's my glasses?
dB Burbon, I don't like too much. Chivas Regal is one of the finest drops money can buy, better even than Johnnie Walker black label (which isn't too hard to beat).
For your average whiskey that isn't aged for 18 years - and we are talking the decent $20 or stuff here - Grants is nice, quite mellow but needs serious ice. Johnny Walker Red Label is also quite good, but a bit harsh for my liking. Jack Daniels... well, at least they try.
black-dyed gel product i'm a johnny walker red man myself. 010710
dB Cheapskate you mean?

Hey, I'm kidding goddmmitt!.

Does anyone else think that Jack Daniels ain't that great, or is it just me?
nocturnal oooh! me! I hate that stuff!!! I hate any brown liquor, though. it's all clear liquor and beer for this little girl. I must say jack daniels is definitely one of the worst. 010711
TalviFatin I love Jack Daniels...*sighs happily* 010724
Karp my brother said, "yeah, get me a shot of John."
I said, "don't you mean 'jack'"?

"He said, when you know him as well as I do, you call him john"
Gollum Gentleman Jack my precious, Gentleman Jack. Nice whiskey, nice nice whiskey 010724
40-oz Warriors don't lose sight of the mission
or you'll be wishin
it was a dream
and no one can hear you scream
for ice cream
and when you found out it was your slpeen
and not your liver that popped
and now you wonder why you stopped
so you grab another brew
and and drink until you spew
u24 JD isn't that good. nice mixed with coke (Coke n Jack Daniels = CJD)

jamesons. now you're talking.

anyone heard of JD with a green label?
stork daddy i had some johnny walker blue the other day. went down like as discretely and calming as green tea.

but really i'm not like that often. i'm a olde english high gravity man myself.
oldephebe Olde English? I thought only the bruthahs drank that stuff.

and um i'm being totally non-ironic here
stork daddy i have a sister. so i guess that qualifies me. i think what you meant to say was that only people who want to get really messed up drink those. i fall in that category sometimes. 040128
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