werewolf the contents of your skull empty like a stagnant river. where in the room does the howling get the loudest? where in your plans does the howling subside?
where in the howl do you forget the hunger? where does it return?
criminally inclined Start the revolution, oh renegades, revolt against a rising culture of decadence and ornate complication with emo song tailing though your cores and tears on your cheeks. who do you cry for lost child with the headphones on and the question on the tip of you tongue? Its your call your choice, your voice that rips right though their wannabe sketches and drawings of a past littered with pain. Pain of what, your teeth being ripped out? Love my vagueness? Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby. Read into this shit because thatís whats the hype, its deep and considerate and artistic. Soak it up rich boy and spit it out drama queen. We are the masses of the unseen, us undercover operatives hiding from a different light. No I will not submit, no will not tell you the truth, yes these are crossies held behind my back for the whole world to see that this life is a lie. This life of yours and mine, we live it like monkeys in a jungles, twisted vines and poisonous frogs and a hidden temple crumbling into the quicksand. Yay oh masters of mischief we call thrill. We get by with the attention unintended and uninflicting and, while you soak it up like a week old sponge gasping, look how depressed I am! You uncultured retch donít you know those tears of yours, youíll drown in them, so strop feeling sorry for yourself and fuck your fears away the underground way. Take the hit that you were given and shut the fuck up. This is life outside the lines, reality, who needs it when we donít even know what it is, I know what imagination is, iíll live in that. So throw out your rulers and black pencils grab a red crayon and melt it with me, so it drips blood onto a page and a burn into my ankle, a scar worth a million more. Oh drench me in the perfect white breeze that blows past my face till later days when we sit alone and share this choking with only ourselves. 040304
werewolf i'm going to eat you 040304
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