freakizh this is something i'm very proud of.

i had a dream about me having a boyfriend. and my best friend, was jealous of him. so he kinda let me notice that, and everything fades off, and we're like a certain type of warehouse. then, things get blurry and the only thing that i can see is how my red, spongy, and warm uterus (in a bid closeup) is visited by my friend. he was there, very little, leaving something weird, like a bomb.
when i wake up of that vision in the dream, i notice that i'm pregnant. so, i run into him, my friend, and i can hear someone saying "there's nothing more beautiful than being pregnant from your very best friend".
time passes, and i remember being playing with his hair, sitting side by side, like two kids that are in love. and when i hold his face and in the most cutesy way i ask "who is the owner of this wonderful pair of eyes?".. he looks at me, with the most penetrating look ever, handsome and yet mine, and replies "from the darkness".

i woke up.. and i miss him so much.
squint this big retarded guy picked up a five year old boy and ripped/pulled him apart into two peices in front of me. it was really graphic...freeeeeaked me out. 020515
littleidiot i had a dream...i was being chased through a very tight space--a ventilation shaft, i think. i had a gun, and it was drawn, and i was shimmying myself through this ventilation shaft. and this girl from my world-issues class was chasing me, scaring the hell out of me, yelling that she was gonna catch me and stuff.
next thing i knew, i was in my bed-room.. still afraid of her.. and i looked out my window to see if she was around, but all i saw was this black cat sitting in the backyard. it just stared at me for a while, and this freaked me out, so i ducked out of view for a few seconds... then rose again, looked out the window, and the cat was gone--in its place was a monkey (a little one... about the size of the one from the movie 'outbreak'.) it climbed up to my window, reached through my window, grabbed my notebook which i enjoy blathering into, and dropped it to the ground outside. i got mad and smacked the monkey, then felt guilty and shameful.
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