Rasputine is low again You were discovered
Bended over the dead
Only to find out
You were not
Even in the room
See-through but solid
Holy, but complete
All will be followed
Tended none the least
Barrett I see,
see through it all
see through
see you
cause I threw you the obvious
freakizh YOU DON'T SEE ME AT ALL. 010723
johnny west My brain. Given out. Gone dead. Real dead. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 010723
Inanna the curtain is a sea anemone
in the way it sways
to the slow breeze
i lie spread out on the floor
looking at these things
most of them are mine/yours
and it's so nice
staring very still
at those old shoes
i could never fill
starfish with its arms out in a daze
staring at the stars
through an ocean haze
was i one you wished upon
burned out like a lightbulb
when you turned me on
And its so nice
sleeping here all alone
with my ashtray
white courtesy telephone
Now I'm making out the shapes
like the shower rod
can it take my weight
I will tell you i am fine
Got some news friend
Feels like I'm dying
Turtle on its back in the desert sea
And you look like a cool drink
Just slightly out of reach
I drop myself into the shell
Waiting on a sign from god
Or a nod from hell
and it's so nice sitting very still
at those old shoes I could never fill
now they are turning on the lights
It the first day of my second life
Take my name off the lease
You can even keep the name
It never suited me 011209
birdmad a long past birthday, the sight of a certain girl in black lace, pale_beautiful, her porcelain skin was like moonlight incarnate

it didn't matter that i knew every inch of her by memory, she was always a mystery.

the gentle scent of her perfume and the subliminal scent of her desire

i remember that night she was a gift i was more than happy to unwrap
ilovepatsajak transparent 011210
ClairE fun


Or a cause of anger.
oren When a woman wears a see-through blouse, I give thanks. Wow, what a gift! 011213
freakizh i don't like when you can see through your skin. those veins and branches, ew!
i don't like fishy-like stuff.
epitome_of_incomprehensibility Water is weirdly see-through. You can hardly see underwater, but looking above you can see it almost perfectly clear but the perspective is distorted. 050718
nomme) eyes 050718
emanon I see through you. 050719
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