sabbie And i listen to somebody elseís songs,
and read someone elseís poems,
and i hear a phrase,
and see a line,
and wish i could have written that like that.

Identifying so readily
with someone elseís words,
just like ten thousand others,
who have not the words for themselves

just like me.

And i ache with the knowledge
that they can say
apparently so effortlessly
what i have tried to for so long,
and can not.

And although my mouth is open,
although my pen is poised,
and my computer on,
i just can not articulate accurately
what it is i want to say,
all it is i feel,
or put the elusive emotions
behind that particular encounter

into words.

And it frustrates me no end
that they can,
and always

May the gods damn them for their abilities.
And may they damn me for mine.
tourist So...This I take has been prepared for You by some Ghost Writer, or P.R. person? 010221
sabbie .:places hand on forehead:.

by my muses, darrrrrling.
dB I hear that. 010222

this place is a hole and im over it... suddenly i dont feel so good
pete i see myself in 040707
mood ring make me feel competitive
"ha! i bet i could rewrite that better!"
im stupid.
dont laugh.
it aint funny.
Borealis make me wonder if I've come up with anything truly original since I was five, and wrote short stories about ducks and bears.. 040707
Jess One day, all the words will have been used in all the orders taht make sense and we will have to talk in other peoples words. 040712
u24 5 monkeys typing for eternity will eventually write poetry. 040714
kookaburra 1 monkey typing for five minutes would write poetry.

(if you couldnt tell im talking about myself)
sab i've got a dream with your face in it
that scares me awake
i put too much on my table
and now i got too much a stake

and i might let you off easy
yeah i might lead you on
i might wait for you to look for me
and then i might be gone
where i come from and where i'm going
and i'm lost in between
i might go up to that phone booth
and leave a veiled invitation on you machine

why not It's_w_r_o_n_g_and_p_l_a_i_n_irresponsible_to_ 040803
Anti-Moore Coalition Given

Definition Other_peoples_words = ?

somebody j__u__s__t___f_o_r___'f___u____n'? 040803
quotree "All religion, all life, all art, all expression come down to this: to the effort of the human soul to break through its barrier of loneliness, of intolerable loneliness, and make some contact with another seeking soul, or with what all souls seek, which is (by any name) God."

-Donald Robert Perry Marquis, "Chapters for the Orthodox"

i cherish those moments when i can feel another warm hand brush against mine. and once in a while, i know that i can sometimes possibly brush another.
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