Mr. Wonderful Other people are nice. Except for the mean ones.

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werewolf do you ever take pride in another person's accomplishments? is that lazy? is that so wrong? is it so wrong to see someone happy and to enjoy it knowing how much they deserve it. Doesn't creating a world where people get what they deserve benefit us all? A component of this is taking pride in other people. i don't want to explain why, i'll leave that to other people 020514
silentbob Suck 020514
lois on the brink other people... well, you know, other people can say wahtever they want. Because they're "popular" and they have low self esteem,and they're straight a students but they're so fucking submissive that their friends step all over them. other people... well, they're just hitler's second-in-command. you know, the people's president. The one that everyone likes. Until they turn around on you. Until you're not convenient or fashionable anymore. Then you get to visit the gas chambers too. Except you refuse to die. 020514
stork daddy other people as we crowded each other more and more had more people to delegate each portion of ourselves to until nobody was to be held responsible for knowing or minding any recognizeable humanity or core of anyone else or expected to deal with anything more rewarding or difficult than single clean exchanges (which is, in fact, if human is to be defined by our natural leanings as deifned by history, evolutionary psychology and such, inhuman) except perhaps immediate families, and rarely them. other people really were more horrible to deal with than ever. they really only cared about their jobs. children would tell their own parents - no exceptions sir or maam or maamsir, i'm just doing my job. and the rest of society was as usual reinforced and reinforcing of this. you drinking a soda on the train when the sign says not to? expect the riot squad to come for you. there wasn't much room for the enterprise of cheating anymore. you couldn't even download music without someone's toes being given undue rewards for being stepped on. and cheating was a part of what made it cool for a while to be american, what made it ugly and beautiful - taking but not taking so much you'd break the bank. everyone knew that. now you couldn't take anything, and people were always trying to break the bank when they did. 040503
kookaburra other_people make me self conscious... 040503
granted hellish perhaps,
but necessary indeed,
that we need them grants them power
that they have power makes them necessary
aye? we usually like other people when they are getting us off, no? 060212
. aye. 070422
what's it to you?
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