farmer i saw it coming
and then it was gone away
it has been so long
so if you are around here
c'mon and speak up doll
because words change
and the voices that speak them
are interchangeable like
the color of hair
when you get older

lost angeles

it was you spinning my dreams
the whole time wasn't it
and don't ask me how i knew
because you were always there
sitting in some corner
pleading with frozen eyes
like birds hanging there
in the sky, oh god
i'm so very sorry that
i never did turn around
to hear you calling
but i heard you, i really did
they still ring out like
bells in the dark

lost angeles
white_wave i keep trying to help the city of lost angels. they say they are lost. they say they want to find their real home. but they refuse to leave los angeles. they complain about how much they hate it. but they only have themselves to blame for being stuck there. 040314
Piso Mojado sometimes comfort is the anticatalist of change. (how easy it is to stay in this comfort-zone of nice cars, bleach highlights, gyms, diets, makeup, spas, billboards, roadrage, uggs, 'up-and-coming' actors, i know you know he knows some one in 'the business', driving past the homeless wrapped in blankets begging by the freeway, and on and on and on.)

what is truely important is hard for me to keep focused on when im here. i leave in august, and that's not soon enough.
Ouroboros we are all caffeinated out of our minds. we can't sit still. we have to talk to our spouses in agitated updates. we consume 8 dollar sandwiches and 1 dollar mcdonald's fries. we buy endless coffees and fraps and suck greedily and walk purposefully to bathroom and back. we don't make eye contact. we wear clothing and shoes that look fashionable and cost enough to make our hearts jump at our credit card bills. we look worried and stress out about the inconvenience of long lines. we wear sunglasses and create moving islands of ourselves. we read our fashion magazines and learn how to kiss our lovers and avoid frizzy hair. we learn to gorge ourselves, stuff chew swallow. we learn to ignore our hunger pains, the irritating tug of the waistband. We learn how fucking important we are, so important we cannot stop for anyone. 060602
Ouroboros this is not my home 060602
Ouroboros back again but i will keep on breathing and not get lost in the bad frantic energy 060919
Ouroboros almost a year 071207
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