Quintessensual Inconceivability and powerfulness are not logically linked. One does not imply the other. Things that are inconceivable, once they become known and so can be appreciated, are not necessarily powerful. Most of the time they are mundane.

However, overcoming inconceivability, discovering something that previously was inconceivable, is often an overwhelmingly powerful experience. Some scientists are lucky enough to know this firsthand.

So are some people involved in other things, in almost anything. "It is inconceivable that anyone could love me," many people have thought, only to discover the inconceivable.

Copr. 2001
miniver Agreed.

I think they are mundane, regardless. Or they are powerful, regardless. Or however you want to describe them. What the human mind can understand, and what it can't, is entirely limited by the human mind, and how the human mind was made, and for what purposes, and of what materials. The Universe doesn't care whether we understand or not. It just goes about its business.

re: me on inconceivable, re: kx21 on power
Quintessensual Well, kx21 had a lot on power, but whatever you say is a point well made and so a point worth considering. Then again, who knows, maybe it's part of the 10%? It is inconceivable that it really matters. 010111
kx21 The Universe is inconceivable, to the extent that our most renowned Scientist, Einstein, Albert (1879-1955) who was amazed at its inconceivability.

Our understanding of the Universe is like Tip of Iceberg, somewhere between zero and nothing, as all the assumptions, physical laws, etc. may be found or proved to be false over time...
kx21 An evidence to support the inconceivability of the Universe is that as at today,
we only managed to touch a hair of our galaxy and see the face of our solar system. There are more than billion of other galaxies / solar systems / stars are still VIRGIN...
miniver The inconceivability of the universe is not in question, but only the notion that that inconceivability implies anything other than the obvious and natural limitations of an earth-evolved, animal mind. Which includes the mind of that "most renowned" animal named Einstein. 010111
werewolf to understand the universe...a mind would have to be the most complex thing in the universe. And then, if simplicity was surmised...what complex regret and sorrow or perhaps comfort would be left 020321
werewolf it's inconceivable to think of a thinking beyond our minds...all we may start with is the more general idea that we infer from other events in the world a) that things may be surpassed and b) that just because we cannot currently conceive of something doesn't mean it is inconceivable, we may be missing pertinent information. However to think about what it would be like to think differently is inconceivable. All we can do is identify the general possibility, if asked for details we find that their absence is the very inconceivability we skirt around or lament.

On another note say there was an insect that had a 12 hour lifespan. It would switch day and night in generations. That'd be a tricky niche to fill.

"Inconceivable!" "I do not think that word means what you think it means" -princess bride
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