unhinged it was cold and windy and grey
and she glared at me
for polluting her air with my cigarette
even though i wasn't standing in the shelter
far from it actually
letting the cold wind
batter me
she had a red hat on
a boy with a pierced lip
crossed the street
to stand inside the shelter with her
it looked like he wanted to say something to her
but she had the scared look
that most indian women do
when they venture out into public alone
and the boy with the pierced lip
quickly looked down at his chucks
standing inside the busstop shelter
that really didn't do much of anything
to stop the wind and the cold that close to the lake
and they both glared at me
for polluting their air
maybe the boy with the pierced lip was envious of my smoke
he had a hood covering his head
from a hoodie sweatshirt
hidden underneath his coat
i stood there with nothing on my head
my hair pulled back
small pieces being batted around in front of my face by the wind
waiting for the bus
i try not to look people in the face
it makes them uncomfortable
mon uow a lane, two trees,
a sign stapled on one
and a piece of wood
stuck between the two trees
and always leaves or snow
rain or sun
unhinged fill me with dread now. i look up so i can see him if he's coming. i saw someone suspiciously like him and smelled grape blunts and crossed the street before he could stop me and try to talk to me. i still feel haunted, especially near work.

or waiting on the corner of russell and kinnickinnic on the south side, drunk. sometimes they honk. or sometimes they crane their necks like giraffes and even turn around and drive back the other way to look again. i did look hot tonight. it's oddly flattering.
unhinged when i first knew you
your dad still alive
dragged you home after he died


a friend of mine
tried to kill himself
to the same song

contemplate my departure date
( apparently my only guarantee
is a walk_away )
the only guarantee
in life is a life
worth dying for
cause death don't wait for no one
it's sitting on your front door

southside busstop

where i used to live
what's it to you?
who go