yummyC so smile, and open your eyes wider,
you know what we are thinking.
We have synchronized thoughts and they swim...float...
idly in our minds.
wafting in, drifting out.
My stream of conciousness
sends me hurtling down the waterfall
and into your blue pools.
my intoxicated liquid movements are memorized.
your face melting into mine
as our tongues work around eachother.
I grasp onto these moments
begging them not to leave...
but my strokes cannot be swam again.
I long for your bright blue stare.
surprising suspect...
you pull me to these crimes,
the current is too strong and i let go.
I rest in the serenity of your lips,
the full cradles that rock me to sleep
as we breathe eachother in.
Tori Amos sometimes i breathe you in........and i know, you know. 010922
Becky The smell of your skin.. with that awful cologne, but it's you. So I've started to like it. I'd love to just spend all day breathing you in. 010922
Aimee I realized something last night when you got out of bed and I couldn't sleep afterwards. I need you there to sleep now. I need to feel your arms around me holding me close to you. I need to smell you and feel the heat of your body next to me, and it's torture not to have it... especially when all you did was go to the computer... 010923
girl_jane inhale 020819
jane breathe i can breathe you in
hold you in
jane we were kissing the other night and he blew into my mouth 020820
silentbob in 97 020820
dondeestanlosjaguares I sometimes feel as if my heart has forgotten how to beat without yours, and that my lungs may have forgotten how to breathe without being able to sense the rhythm of your chest next to mine. But there was a time when i breathed you in. When everything in the world was right, even for just a little while. A wonderful experience of emotions unnavigated before, like two ocean-born winds that intertwine above the waves. Starlit night, moonless shores and rough salty breezes. Two unrestrained forces, inevitably attracted to each other. You breathed me in and I breathed you in, like the two winds we were, and the one wind we became from hereon after. I breathed you in and you breathed life into me, now I have nothing left to do but live for you. . . 020820
unhinged your scent preceded you

my nose remembers
eklektic "breathe through through my mouth." - tommy speck to hedwig during their first real kiss. 020821
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