REAListic optimIST attachment is the backend of a clear process, a chunking fo the fluid flow. once a chunk is formed, it loses the infinitely malleable quality which makes the presence of now so powerful.

some people transcend attachment without retaining compassion. you know the crowd, defined by the nin lyric: "nothing can stop me now, cuz i don't care anymore." in doing so, they have still managed to chunk themselves off from the evermorphing wonder that is consensual_reality. they are ultimately malleable, yet allow no one to influence them, causing them to grow cold, hard, calloused, and to live within an inpenetrable exoskeleton.

some people endeavor to retain infinite and unconditional love and unbearable compassion while shedding attachment. so far, i've yet to puzzle out how to attain this shangri-la state. however, it appears to be the most powerful by far.

see also: attatchment
Lemon_Soda We can attain it by honoring it in our thoughts and actions. Eventually, it becomes the way we are. Just as we train and hone our physical skills through repetition, so too can we train our thoughts and emotions. Lifes pain and troubles don't go away, one's perspective on them changes. One is better equipped to handle them. We may come to see the benefit of an immediate, persistent burden(like excersise)over the long term, learning to respect and pursue it and its like more.

I believe attachment can grow to severely hinder our progress towards this state. Attachment takes our minds from what we are supposed to be honoring and places it on a less worthy pursuit. If you have ever fiended for a cigerette while you are working, you may understand.(Thats another thing:ADDICTING AGENTS INDUCE UNNATURAL ATTACHMENT!)

There are other things that get in the way, all very material and contrary to the ideal we pursue. The seven deadly sins are a good start. They tie into attachment because each of them , again, takes our minds away from concentraiting on upholding the ideals that will improve the circumstances of our lives.

It is very simple, but its simplicity can be a double edged sword. OUr emotions, thoughts, and bodies are constantly assaulting us with their own assumptions as to what we should be doing. Many of us know better, but by not enforcing on our selves the discipline of always giving thought to where we are and what we are doing, it is too easy to slip.

This is, coincidentally, the very same reason I believe we have souls. Our thoughts, bodies, and emotions can't compensate adequately for some of the things I have seen people do...against themselves...for someone elses sake.
Christ without the cross LS, i feel you man. I have seen and experienced what attachments do to people especially when they are unhealthy ones. We have to let go of things, be willing to free things from our grasps in order to truly love and be free ourselves.

I also believe we have souls.
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