misstree definition of interesting mood: plotting the finer details of what would be involved in getting a random stranger into a situation where he could be tied, beaten, raped, and either left unconscious in a cornfield or killed. and, of course, get away with it. i'm leaving town soon, but i don't think i could pull it off all by my lonesome, and anyone that i would bring into it is someone that i wouldn't want to see incarcerated.

i have a few ideas. i just don't know if i have the time. and a complete stranger just doesn't taste right for such a thing; knowing a little bit into the brain makes the empathy more delicious, but with non-strangers comes either the necessity for murder or consent.

i wonder if we could have gotten away with saying that he gave consent on tuesday; everyone at goth night knows what kind of creatures we are, and knows that he's played in my nest before... it wouldn't be beyond reason to say that he asked us to help fulfill a fantasy that he later regretted. but that would be legal tie-ups and lawyer's fees and would be another thing keeping us in town, and i'd rather not become a fugitive over something so simple. and if he turned up dead, people would know who he left with.

so damn difficult to destroy another human being for your own pleasures these days. i need to try it at least once, and right now, i have the perfect partner for it. it won't leave my head until i do.
misstree i wonder if he would have even called the cops after tuesday. i have a feeling he would. he's got curiosity and at least a smidge of potential, but he's still soft as a newborn's skull. i shouldn't have asked for his permission. i shouldn't be so concerned about the other's ability to avoid prosecution. i wish it weren't so difficult to work with the unwilling, but such a point of focus in this aspect.

i wonder if he'll still want to come back to my house next tuesday. if he does, he's fucked. literally. without even getting his dick wet.

i need to not let my blood start pumping right before a weekend with the parents, off in the lands of limbo. no outlets of any kind whatsoever. frustration feeds itself. i come back screaming.

oh, and for the benefit of any law enforcement officials, this is, of course, a work of fiction. of course. i don't condone violence in any form. of course.
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