sabbie thinking about that sentance...

i realised that i have them often.

little flickers of perfect_bliss, like the mythical fireflies in the night, like flashes of faeries, like the flickers of the pudy lights in the batcave in the dark, like a rainbow flash from the diamond in your hand [i can almost see the diamond in your hand], like the discovery grin you own and use, like the enveloping hug of flesh and love, like the brush brush brush of jesus hair, like waking up to the sound of being bought eggontoast and cupsoftea in bed.

like the thought of my future.
bethany haven't yet a moment like this
pease tell me what's it's like
i used to think it was the boy's eyes on a pillow
for hours
at seventeen
what happened to that
why was that so ephemeral
youth is
coz it's all rusted now
and bliss isn't even a moment, just a word a word to hope for some meaning lying at the bottom of some yet to be found archeological find
the word
the digging to be done
doesnt dangle sweet bliss
maybe blisters
from annoying reminders of how happy i used to be, of how naive i used to be, of how happy it was easy to be
when i was worthy of love

but i'm not starving or poor or dead
sabbie in a whimsical mood in bethany walks
holding a white velvet pillow,
one bethany spent days handsewing,
holding it reverantly up at arms length,
like an ancient preistess in a cave
her eyes mist over
at the beauty she has captured
for there,
resting on her clumsy embrodiary
is her boy's blue blue eyes

any other choice has been stolen away.

his empty socketed head lies,
discarded like a broken toy,
behind her.

his eyes are bleeding
black and red
staining the pillow
the pillow she spent such time over.
eyeballs slowly deflating
as they loose their precious liquids
and as she watches the stain progress
she is wondering if he is finally weeping
weeping after all this time.

she gazes at her hands,
the pillow,
his eyes
and little wilted stalks of flesh still attached to
his eyes.

she smiles.
she considers this
a perfect moment in her history.
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misstree the cusp of a kiss,
the crest of a shimmering glimmering wave
when lungs are full
and about to burst with divine laughter
what's it to you?
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