unhinged when it's 2am and you can't think of anything else to say
she's in your arms crying
and you see the scars
and it's one of those situations where it's obvious words are needed
but the right ones won't come
and the silence is intolerable
and she turns to look at you
and walks out the door
birdmad when the words she spoke were meant to assuage the damage she had done, but in their emptiness came out as sounding as much like an insult as the betrayal itself 010211
florescent light When your heart wants to burst with all the beauty he brings, but all you can manage to sputter out is 'Hi'. 010211
johnny west When you know that, whatever it is you have to say, the recipient isn't interested. The words die before they leave your lips. Because all words are futile. 010310
Inanna The last insult that I received was a compliment. It is all in how you perceive. The irrational insult reflected the insulter more than it ever could me. 010828
MollyCule "don't you feel like a pretty cow?" 010829
starved every one of them that came from my mouth, it seemed... that and every glancing touch of my fingertips against her

this comes as no surprise
sandy a bird
bashing its head again and again
against the window glass
must learn that for those who love not,
to be loved signifies nothing
beyond a senselessness
of the constant knocking
on the pane.
ClairE It is all turned around, because now he is too young to understand, and I might as well shoved him further down the slide. 031219
misstree i hope you don't realize how many purrs i hold back, because we are aloof by necessity. i know you don't believe me when i say you're among the best, but you at least glean some compliment from it. you don't understand and i don't know how to tell you--you're the one i keep bringing back to my bed, you're the bliss and release i crave most.

but i can't tell you, because when people say things like that it usually means that they want to keep you, when really all i want is to be on your mind sometimes, on your hips sometimes, in your thrall sometimes. leave the rest of the times to me; i know how to fill them. trust me just enough to let me call you lover, and i'll do the driving. let us use eachother and take nothing. it's what we do best and enjoy most.
silentbob "That shirt looks good on you because it makes you look thinner." 031219
x most any aimed in my direction 031219
crimson I yelled that he was beautiful as I ran down the hall and all he did was glare. 031227
that whatever over there i guess sometimes the value of the complement depends on the comparative worth of the sender 041208
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