typhoid i blather to clear my mind
brble di bla dibbibidle bib bib
i blather to forget that fiery liquid seeping through my vein, like acid in the rain...
"ehh yo ca dem wa..."
the ebb and flo of novelty
SomeoneElse aka swords.
aka blankets.
aka lullabys.
aka song.
aka sensuality.
aka touch.
aka wild women on horse back.
aka me.
moonshine Silver tounge for the choosen one 000529
The Schleiffen Man Tongues are tied for first in the deadly arsenal of weapons a human has. They are only rivalled by our minds, but sometimes act quicker. 000529
WingedSerpent Spanish-language version of "the Unabashed Dictionary" from an issue of Playboy:

"Tongue - the sexual organ that some perverts actually use for speaking."

lizard she speaks with many tongues many faces i've yet to see many faces i've seen before hidden behind all the rest. so many faces to leave me confused so many false starts like a maze of persona and human interaction in which i am held captive by some force beyond myself and even her. everyone has many faces, turning on you in the blink of an eye; we think we remain a constant but, in truth, our faces are as quixsotic as the rest our being defined by this moment this setting.. those faces. faces defining faces losing everything in a whirlwind you begin to wonder what is really truth what is a constant when everything depends on everything else when even love is so subjective looking for a constant and i can't find anything... nothing but my idea of human spirit and my hope for something more. 000531
Silent Bob the most memorable thing we do when we kiss is suck on the others tounge like we're giving it a hickey, and we try to pull back but the other is captured. its wonderful. 000608
Marjorie It's kind of a break down of the brain synapses. Like watching too much snow (static) on your television. And your mouth opens. You speak. But nobody really understands you. And people wonder. But it's accepted. If you're in the right place. 000711
unhinged with my limited experience with tongues it seems as if you are either genetically blessed or cursed. the first guy i ever dated had a huge tongue and every time he kissed me i felt like i was going to choke on it. ick. big tongues are bad. but tongues in general just drive me crazy....aaaahhhhh 010119
The Residents "Smelly Tongues Looked Just As They Felt" 010119
jesse r kewl. 020220
s_e_m_i_n_o_l s_e_m_i_n_o_l 101005
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