sandy my dad named me:

"if it's a girl, let's name her sandy."
"that's a good name."
"sandra susan, and call her sandy sue."
"and if it's a boy?"
"he'll be bucky."
"yeah, bucky."
"why bucky?"
"it's short for buckminster. after buckminster fuller. you know. guy who designed the first geodesic dome. they taught it in high school chemistry. bucky balls, remember? the formation of carbon molecules? it's why diamonds are hard."
"yeah. bucky."
"whatever you say, hon."


all i have to say is, thank god for my lack of y chromosomes.
Angie my siamese cat's name is sandy. she is obsessed with me. purr 030605
Rachel A race along the sandy beach
Salt breeze lashing through my hair
I cannot stop now
There is no going back.

The salt tears dry upon my lips.
Waves crash upon the shore,
I can hear their screams
Why oh why oh why?
Sundari Raine You are my best friend but we're still distant. Too studious to bridge the foggy gulf between our separate minds and emotions. Still, we have a funny connection. Conversations about cicadas and teachers.

But now, because of William, I resent you when you're not around and you have no clue, but when I see you I can't ever hate you.
does it ease the pain? oh lord help me, I'm enjoying this far too much

sometimes I hardly care at all, other times I'm terrified
does it ease the pain? I would not wish away a year of my parents' lives, but lord I hope this 11 months moves swiftly. 120913
does it ease the pain? I wish I believed in fate. I wish I believed in true love.

But the older I get the less romantic I become and the more realist a position I take.

What was once, will not always be.

We love, we lose, we move on.

I will not sit here in tortured fever much longer.
does it ease the pain? The circumstances aren't really going to change that much. You've made it clear that we're completely over and I'm not going to be able to get past it properly it while we're still in contact. It's only due to a lapse in my will power that we're speaking now, which you know.

It was never my intention to be your friend.
does it ease the pain? fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

I'll finish this thought later.
yes She owes me money. 140330
does it ease the pain? I can't be with him for the very reason that attracted me to him in the first place.

Life is cruel. To both of us.
what's it to you?
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