aj i'd rather be picking raspberries and painting row boats. 010227
p. i'd rather be warm, free, and fearless. 010227
Artemis I wish I were a hunter, in search of different prey. 020706
copywrong Artemis give credit where credits due
run lola run soundtrack ;)
girl_jane mmm 021108
in love rasberries strawberries the good wines we brew. here's to the girls of the countryside, the ones we drink them to. 021108
Glory Box There were some growing outside your door and I picked some and ate them, and you picked some and gave them to me. 030916
camille I just had a raspberry shake at Dairy Queen mmmmmmmmmmmm 030917
shadowfalls blowing raspberries and picking dandelions 031007
realistic optimist raspberries and dark chocolate are TEH WIN!!!!11!1one!1!! 031007
pipedream *blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat*

there, haven't done that for a WHILE now. *grins*
whitechocolatewalrus we used to have raspberry bushes in my backyard and my mom would always send me out to pick raspberries so she could make jam. i always ate all of the raspberries and then went and told her that the bushes must be bad because there weren't any raspberries on them. my mom then married my stepdad and they cut out the raspberry bushes. i was so mad at him, i even hated him. those bushes were my heaven. i later was talking to my mom about it and she claims that they cut the bushes out because they never produced any raspberries, but i still think that larry(stepdad) wanted to cut them out just to piss me off. 031214
PolarizedMoonKat oooh i love that taste
fat,plump little cells pop- Explode!
to purge the palate of anything but
nectar.. sweet wine this ruby flesh

if i were to ever find a bush i would
pluck handfulls to my mouthfulls
chomp berries till the juices are dribbledrabbling from my face
and lick the wounds in my hands

were you to touch me,dare you disturb me
wild catatonic eyes will chew you over
and mad cheshire glee will paint your face as the juice doth mine

In a frenzy you'd see me jump into the bush, romp stomp gleefully on it's branches and gold

don't come near.. i Will bite.

battle cry leap onto broken shards of twigs, till one impales me
through the heart
as all indulgences do

touch you mine blood to your lips
so sweet with black juices
remember me as such
loving to the death
and sweetness of heart

so sweet
nomme) i love you july afternoon
i love you raspberries
no reason in our old house we had these amazing raspberry bushes, they took up the whole back of the yard. my grandparents took a few from us and started growing them their backyward. when we moved, we took some from their yard, but when we tried to grow them they never really blossomed.
i miss those raspberries.
. . 061124
no reason it's only when you get something that the moments in which you don't have that something become obvious and empty 061125
no reason this wasn't supposed to be under raspberries, but oh well 061125
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