Q The proximity to reality is amazing. Amazing! Not bad, not sad, in fact good and, oh, so very, very happy. Mostly though, amazing. See bukowski. 000911
radio free birdmad and when she's nearby
and when she speaks
she jams my frequencies
and scrambles my channels

and in the end it's all that's ever true

in this vast array of solid states and digital transmissions

i'm only a vacuum tube anymore
blown cherry is what it's about

hearing muffled guitar music drifting down the hall
and my heart not trying to race my body to its grave
jezabel dangerous orbits,
sparks and snarls and
nearly blooded muzzles...
but i have you stumbling,
and now,
you're mine.
simsimma Proximity...on the verge of exploding with passion. When you come this close to me , my senses leap forward to greet you. When we touch, you dont feel my skin , you bear down to my soul and oh, how it aches for you. When we make love , the passion brings me into a realm of wonderment i never knew existed, it's almost as though I've been pleasured into an alternate reality, not quite heaven, but in close Proximity. 040220
eskimos friend tears the heart and soul.

depends who with though.
. I felt I knew you;
and knew I felt you.
You never saw me.
I saw you briefly,
passing quickly;
you looked angry,
I felt lonely.
Life is quirky.
what's it to you?
who go