squillo norf_horp_of_chortle 010716
tonya trowel 010717
phil I'll never miss this place. 010719
bijou ::if you live in or around omaha::

on friday october 26th my charming little boys from Kosher are playing a show at the Cog Factory. please go and dance and drink and yell and clap. they like it.
phil I'm in love with a girl who lives down the street, She doesn't know it, she probably doesn't know who I am. I have known it for a few years, I don't know what she's been doing. Sometimes I feel like going over there, other times I don't. It makes me wonder what I should really do, but I am usually depressed and she's into drugs so i don't think it will work out. After all, she's just the girl down the street and what are the odds of that, still I don't feel this way about any one else. I have never run into her and am convinced it's destiny, that's too why I sometimes feel like I could go over there. What worries me the worse is a boy I always used to see her with, I imagine she has had other boyfriends and wonder who her parents would think I am. Have to make a good impression. I went over there once, I don't think she saw me. I hate situations like these because it would be nice to know more people, make some gossip, or find out more about her. 030616
Piso Mojado somewhere in the middle of america? 030616
oon giant_ducks 030616
silentbob a good city.

the good life
xyz get right to the heart of matters... 031015
silentbob it's the heart that matters more.

the only band not from omaha on saddle_creek records is Rilo_Kiley
wax tadpole tiny_apes 061215
jennifer Cog_Factory

man, I miss that place

never actually went, but I'm still sad that I can't go anymore

too many cool things in this town are gone (or going)

but Paul_Pape is making chocolate Miis
what's it to you?
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