MollyGoLightly a house big heart where we all live. 000324
MollyGoLightly "With a crooked smile
And a heart shaped face
Comes from the West country
Where the birds sing bass
She's got a house big heart
Where we all live
And plead and counsel and forgive
Her widow's peak, her lips I've kissed
Her glove of bones at her wrist
That I have held in my hand
Her Spanish fly and her monkey gland
Her Godly body and its fourteen stations
That I have embraced, her palpitations
Her unborn baby crying "Mummy"
Amongst the rubble of her body
Her lovely lidded eyes I've sipped
Her fingernails, all pink and chipped
Her accent which I'm told is "broad"
That I have heard and has been poured
Into my human heart and filled me
With love, up to the brim, and killed me
And rebuilt me back anew
With something to look forward to
Well, who could ask much more than that?
A West country girl with a big fat cat
That looks into her eyes of green
And meows, "He loves you" then
meows again"
Nick Cave, 1997
Brad Ouch... is this the real molly? 000518
sabbie we saw nick cave when he came out last year. just him, a piano and the pschyo violin player from the dirty three - warren ellis. it was fantastic.

he smoked heaps, had a glass of red wine resting on the piano, told little stories and sang so beautifully. he is truly his own creation.

and i wanted to get up and dance in the aisles of the theatre he was playing at so desperatly i had to cling to the seat. i was afraid they would throw me out if i did, and that would have been terrible. i couldnt bear to think i might miss even a second of his proformance.
Dafremen Nick Cave always takes me back to Tupelo. 010225
alora from her to eternity.... 021003
flip I hear stories from the chamber
how christ was born into a manger
and like some ragged stranger died upon a cross.
And might i say it seems so fitting in it's way
he was a carpenter by trade or at least that's what I'm told
mt curse_of_millhaven in a goth club is the only way to rollick. 040920
birdmad pulls the wings off flies "...Lord, Ive discovered
the recipe of heaven
Ya get solitude
and ya mix with sanctuary and silence,
Then bake it!
Listen, I plead guilty to misanthropy
So hang me!
Id appreciate it!!
Witness her gate-crash my tiny hell
With some obscene tete--tete,
If ya wanna talk to me
about lovenpain
Consult my ulcer,
itd be happy to accommodate ya..."
what's it to you?
who go