startfires he told me if he could ever love anybody again she would be the luckiest girl in the world. i said we all have somebody we would drop everything for.

he said "That could have been my kid. That could have been me playing the guitar to my son for an hour. He just listened. He never made a sound he just sat there and listened the whole time."

you are so fucking beautiful.
bijou the way you and your brother look so much alike, your eyes crinkle at the same place and your voices are interchangeable. the way you surprise me every day and make me feel so predictable. the way you said "hint of suspense when that telephone rings, this is forever." 010605
sabbie listening to his words
reading her poetry
hearing his joke
listening to her song
listening to him speak
seeing her paint, seeing her paintings
just being part of their lives

such beauty as this makes every inch of me ache
birdmad the_persistence_of_memory 010606
Db There is a pain, in my spine. Like a couple of my vertabre are fused together. Sometimes it sends shots of pain through my whole body, like an electric shock, only more painful.
My neck is stuffed. Sometimes the fluid gets compressed, and this gives me insanely bad headaches and I have to twist my head with my hands and crack my neck to make them go away.
My shoulders are collapsing under their own weight, and the weight of them is crusing my spine. Sometimes when I play my drums, it's as though my whole upper body is on fire.

I persist, merely because, pain tells me I'm still alive.

I'm still alive.

*Much Peace*
ClairE Because we are together and my love for you is as real and fresh and beautiful as hyacinths

And I realize it's night.
she Sometimes when I stand in the crowd, feeling so alone, the words just reach inside and it makes me hurt. My heart feels like it's collapsing and my stomachs in knots and I realize that you have unintentionally wrote this song for me, about me.

And it hurts.
Syrope he does. with love. with desire. with disappointment. with pain. 020422
megan i can't see you right now.
i want you so bad
chrysalid and it doesn't feel "good"
but I want more
daxle leatherwhipsnapohhh 040802
what's it to you?
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