unhinged pucinni

she was young. about 20. he came from far away whispering words of love and desire. he came from far away proposing. older, the words rolled right off his tongue. she accepted against all reason; her family and culture wanted to disown her. but she loved him. she was fooled by her love for him. he left promising to come back some day. he promised he would come back to his butterfly. and he did come back, but not for her. he had found someone else to replace her; he said how sorry he was. how he would always be haunted by her dollish eyes. but he came back with her; she demanded that his butterfly give up her wings. that she would treat their child as if it was her own. triste madre. triste madre. il se spento. povera butterfly. 'if there is no honor left in living, let there be honor in death.'

povera butterfly.

i think my wings have been smashed beyond repair.
unhinged puccini 030415
jimc i still loved your solos and the happy look on your face when i saw you after the show that saturday night. it was they first time i saw you display real joy and pride in yourself. that unhinged is what made this most beautiful opera even more special and meaningful to me. 030512
sweetheart of the song tra bong Made Rivers Cuomo cry. A lot.

Much of Pinkerton is based on this opera.
unhinged BUTTERFLY
e qui, e qui....dov e nascosto? ecco il Console.... e dove dove? non c'e! quella donna? che vuol da me? niuno parla! perche piangete? no. non ditemi nulla...nulla...forse potrei cader morta sull'attimo. tu suzuki che sei tanto buona, non piangere! e mi vuoi tanto bene, un si, un no, di piano.....vive?


BUTTERFLY ma non viene piu. te l'han detto! vespa! voglio che tu risponda.

SUZUKI mai piu.

BUTTERFLY ma e giunto ieri?


BUTTERFLY ah! quella donna mi fa tanta paura!

SHARPLESS e la causa innocente d'ogni vostra sciagura. perdonatele.

BUTTERFLY ah! e sua moglie! tutto e morto per me! tutto e finito! ah!

SHARPLESS coraggio.

BUTTERFLY voglion prendermi tutto! il figlio mio!

SHARPLESS fatelo pel suo bene il sacrifizio...

BUTTERFLY ah! triste madre! abbandonar mio figlio! e sia! a lui devo obbedir!

KATE potete perdonarmi, butterfly?

BUTTERFLY sotto il gran ponte del cielo non v'e donna di voi piu felice. siatelo sempre, non v'attristate per me.

KATE povera piccina!

SHARPLESS e un'immensa pieta!

KATE e il figlio lo dara?

BUTTERFLY a lui lo potro dare se lo verra a cercare. fra mezz'ora salite la collina.

SUZUKI come una mosca prigioniera l'ali batte il piccolo cuor!

BUTTERFLY troppa luce e di fuor, e troppa primavera. chiudi! il bimbo ove sia?

SUZUKI giuoca. lo chiamo?

BUTTERFLY lascialo giuocar. va a fargli compagnia.

SUZUKI resto con voi.

BUTTERFLY va. te lo comando.

"Con onor muore chi non puo serbar vita con onore."

tu? tu? piccolo iddio! amore mio, fior di giglio e di rosa. non saperlo mai per te, pei tuoi puri occhi, muor Butterfly, perche ttu possa andar di la dal mare senza che ti rimorda ai di maturi, il materno abbandono. o a me, sceso dal trono dell'alto Paradiso, gurada ben fiso, fiso di tua madre la faccia! che te'n resti una traccia, guarda ben! amore, addio! addio, piccolo amor! va. gioca, gioca.

and every night i tried not to cry so that i could see the music.
uow david belasco grew up in san_francisco and victoria.
he was a 'good friend' of my great grandfather, who spent a lot of time at the theatres in san francisco and seattle (and elsewhere).
i thank my dead grandaunt for archiving that information for me. i love theatres.

apparently puccini liked belasco's play.

and that is all i have to say for now.
unhinged and apparently the dudes that wrote miss saigon liked puccini and belasco 040823
unhinged povera butterfly

i feel you
i feel you
unhinged coraggio

i wear garnet necklaces now. i dont know what else to do.


my roommate showed me pictures on facebook of him with his wife. he looked happy. i realized i was subconciously wishing for him to be miserable with her. (when did i get like this? heart_pang )


the actor that played that character broke my heart every night with that word. he whispered, his voice cracked. like he realized it was futile to try to discourage her from suicide. how do you keep going when even your honor and pride are smashed to pieces by the one person you spent years believing wouldnt do something like that to you? most nights that word was what brought the tears to my eyes.

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